It would be lovely to be able to set up actions that automatically sets-up when reservation is put through for specific company/agent.

For example, we have travel agent called nordic visitor and we would be delivering a goodies bag every time anyone stays from this agent. Now we would need to set up manually a action to each reservation to communicate to Front Desk that the bag needs to be placed in the room prior arrival. If there was option for automatic action that would have saved us a lot of manual labour and possibly less mistakes.

Would appreciate it if we have that option in the future. Thank you

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Can we add auto notes to this one too please?

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yes please for Schani Hotels

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Auto-notes are great, but we would really like to be able to set up automatic actions.

 For example: If a guest selects a wine package add-on at booking, an auto-note comes through indicating WINE. It would be great if we could attach an automatic action associated with that note to alert Front Desk Staff. This would also be very helpful for indicating actions associated with certain promotions/special rate codes.  

Thank you! -Inns of Aurora

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any news?

In addition, it would be great for accounts (group reservations) as well.

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