Advanced Queue in Rover PMS

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Advanced Queue in Rover PMS

Sometimes due-in guests arrive at your hotel, ready to check-in to their room before their room has been updated with a ready status in Rover. With the Queue Button and Advanced Queue settings, your property can better manage these guests, ensuring they get checked-in to their rooms as quickly as possible. Guests need to be assigned a room to be placed into Queue status or to use the Advanced Queue setting. 

Note: The Queue/Advanced Queue setting needs to be configured for your property if you are interested in queuing guests. Submit a support ticket at to have a team member assist you. 


  • From the Rover Dashboard, the Queue button will inform staff how many guests are currently waiting in Queue. 


  • From the Stay Card, you can Put a Guest Into Queue, or take a reservation out of queue status with the Remove From Queue button


  • Advanced Queue takes the Queue sequence one step further, allowing the guest to complete all the necessary check-in steps (aside from receiving their room number/room keys) the first time they approach your Rover Front Desk Agent. 
  • With Advanced Queue, the Rover Front Desk Agent will place a guest into Queue and immediately proceed to the Registration page, where they are prompted to complete all the preliminary check-in steps outlined for your property (i.e. update payment method, collect agreement to Terms & Conditions, and/or obtain guest's signature). 
  • After this step, guests are free to enjoy other amenities in the hotel while their room is prepared. 
  • Once the guest's room is updated with a ready status, the guest can pick up their room keys and proceed to their room (room key retrieval varies depending on your property's processes). 

Example of Advanced Queue Flow 

1. Rover Front Desk Agent selects Put in Queue from the guest's Stay Card. 

2. Rover immediately directs to the Registration page (unless a room needs to be assigned to the guest). 

3. From the Registration page, Rover prompts for a credit card swipe, agreement to Terms & Conditions, and guest signature on the iPad (if these are required by your hotel). 


4. While the room is cleaned, the guest enjoys access to other areas at your hotel (restaurant, bar, lounge, cafe, etc.)

5. When the guest's room is ready, the Check-In button on the Stay Card can be used to complete the check-in. 

6. Since the guest's registration has been completed (in step 3), the last step will require Rover to generate the guest's room keys


Summary of Advanced Queue 

  • Advanced Queue is designed so that most of the check-in/registration process can be handled when the guest first arrives, even when a ready room is not available. 
  • Since the guest's registration will have been completed while placing the room into queue status, check-in officially occurs when the guest receives their room keys
  • Rover can generate keys with an email QR code (for properties that use key dispensers) or by encoding keys with an iCMP/RFID key encoder.

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