How to Edit Charges and Post an Adjustment Reason

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Applies to:          Stayntouch Cloud PMS          

How to Edit Charges and Post an Adjustment Reason  

The Edit Charges Icon allows a user (with the correct permission) to add a custom description, delete, split, or edit a charge from the Guest Bill page or Accounts page.

Permission Driven: The ability to Edit / Split / Delete a Charge is permission based in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. Navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions to assign this permission accordingly. Drag and drop each permission: Edit Charges, Split Charges, and Delete Charges

Step 1. Locate the List of Charges

  • Editing charges can occur on the Guest Bill page or the Accounts page. 

                      GUEST BILL 

                      From the Stay Card > Bill & Charges > Guest Bill page.


                      ACCOUNT DETAILS 
                      From the Front Desk Account page, select the Transactions tab.                      

Step 2. Select the Edit Charge Icon 

  • Next, click the Edit Charge Icon beside the charge you'd like to edit. 
  • Users with the correct permission(s) will have the option to remove, split, or edit a charge with the purple Edit Charge Icon.

Step 3. Custom Description / Split / Edit / Delete 

  • Users may include an adjustment reason with the Remove Charge or Edit Charge buttons, but not with the Split Charge button. 

Add a Custom Description:

  • To add a custom description to a charge, use the Custom Description button on the Edit Charges tool. 
  • Note: This only impacts the billing screen (Guest Bill or Accounts), and does not appear on the Journal. 


Old Description 


Updated Description (w/ pencil icon)
Note that the new description
 replaces the previous one.


Delete a Charge: 

  • If a user chooses the remove charge button, they may opt to include a comment explaining why they are removing the charge from the bill. 

Split a Charge: 

  • A user may choose to split the bill by a percentage or dollar amount. 

Edit a Charge: 

  • By selecting the edit charge button, a user can choose to edit the amount or charge code on the bill. Additionally, the user can post an adjustment reason, which will appear as a comment in the charge’s description.

Example: A room charge with a value of $100.00 has been posted to the bill.

After clicking the Edit button (purple pencil to the right of the charge), a pop-up will appear allowing the user to select Edit Charge.

After clicking the Edit Charge button, you will be directed to a new pop-up window (pictured below):

Here you can either adapt the charge amount or the charge code.

If you want to adapt the charge amount, you can enter the "new amount" in the appropriate field. You can either increase or decrease the value, which will then affect the room charge balance. The "new amount" refers to the value that you want to post on the bill as room charge and is shown by adding another charge posting line with the difference. The value of $100.00 will not be replaced, but a new post will be added that reflects the increase or decrease in the room charge balance. Once a new value has been entered, the future display will be shown as a preview in the yellow text box.

After posting a new value of $70.00 and confirming the Change Amount, a new line will be added to the bill that reflects the decrease of $30.00.

Furthermore, a comment regarding the adjustment will be added to both charge postings (the initial 100.00 as well as the -30.00).

Step 4. Note Adjustment Reasons

  • Any adjustment reasons or comments the user includes when editing a charge will display below the record, as the example below illustrates. 

  • Adjustments and other activity can also be viewed on the Financial Transactions - Adjustment Report.

Step 5. Review the Activity Log (Optional) 

  • If you would like to view a record of these changes, the action will be tracked in the Activity Log. 



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