How to Send a ProForma Invoice

Modified on: Wed, 4 Dec, 2019 at 9:08 AM

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How to Send a ProForma Invoice

A ProForma Invoice is a preliminary invoice that functions much like a price quotation. It displays the guest’s projected bill and includes a detailed list of charges and taxes assigned to the reservation. This type of invoice is typically sent to the guest prior to check-in. A ProForma Invoice does not demand or request payment from the guest at the time of delivery; rather, it presents the guest with a description of accrued charges. 

Sending or printing ProForma Invoices can be performed from the Guest Bill page when this setting turned ON for your property. You may read the instructions below to configure this setting yourself, or contact a member of our support team to assist you.


Step 1. Locate Rover Settings Page 

  • From the Sidebar Menu, select Settings. 

Step 2. Select Stationery 

  • From the list of options on the Hotel & Staff page, select Stationery

Step 3. Customize ProForma Invoice 

  • On the Stationery page, locate the section titled Customize ProForma Invoice

Step 4. Activate Invoice 

  • The activation toggle must be ON to enable the ProForma Invoice feature.  
  • This setting is ON when the toggle is right facing and displays in green. 

Step 5. Manage Settings (optional) 

  • If you’d like to customize the information that displays for the Pro Forma Invoice, you may customize the:

1. Email Subject Line
2. Email Body
3. Invoice Header
4. Invoice Footer

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