Change a User's Status to Inactive

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Change a User's Status to Inactive

A designated hotel administrator can turn ON or OFF the inactive setting for a specific user from the User Setup page (Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup). Inactivating a user will prevent the user from logging in or making changes in Rover. Setting a user to "inactive" is recommended because, unlike when a Rover-user is deleted, Rover will maintain an accurate record all of the user's previous actions in the Activity Log.

Note: This is the recommended setting for managing former employees or users that should not have access to Rover any longer. 

Step 1. Locate the User Setup Page

  • To begin managing your staff's users, log into Rover and select Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup.


Step 2. Find the Employee

  • Rover lists all of your property's current users in alphabetical order. 
  • You may locate a user by: 

o     Entering the user's name in the search bar.  

o     Scrolling/paging through the list of users. 




Sorting Option

  • You can manage the number of users that display on the page by selecting the dropdown menu beside "Show entries." 


Step 3. Toggle the Active Setting 
  • Select the toggle icon to indicate if the account is Active or Inactivate. 
  • The example below is an "inactive" account. 
                            o     If you want to re-active a user's account, click the toggle icon so it is facing right and displays a green color.



Impact on Activity Log 
  • As mentioned above, if a user's account is set to "inactive" from the User Setup page, Rover will retain the actions the user performed while the account was active in the Activity Log.

The example below depicts an Activity Log where the user "Former Employee" has been inactivated in Rover. As you can see, the user's action is recorded, and their name clearly displays under the Username section. 

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