Hotel Admin Setup - Queued Room Auto Check-In and Room Ready Guest Email Notification

Modified on: Tue, 26 Nov, 2019 at 2:29 PM

Setup for "Queued Room Auto Check-In and Room Ready Guest Email Notification" in Hotel Admin

1.  Enter hotel's email address that will be used to send the room ready email notification to guests. Please note, this is the same email address that is used to send Zest Web check-in/check-out emails to guests.

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details.
  • Scroll down, and enter and save the email address in the "EMAIL DOMAIN AND FROM ADDRESS FOR GUESTS" box.

2.  Zest Check-in Setup needs to have: 
  • Pre-check-in turned ON (at the top of page)
  • Auto check-in marked (at the top of page)
  • Web check-in staff alerts needs to be turned ON (scroll down)

3.  Room Key Delivery Setup for Zest check-in needs to be "Deliver message to guest to pick up key from front desk" at most hotels.  
  • If a key dispenser is used, mark "Deliver QR code for room key via email" and save changes. This way, reservations with a credit card method of payment will receive a QR code in their room ready email. Guests can then go directly to the machine to obtain room keys. 

4. Turn ON settings to allow auto check-in to occur for Queued Rooms and an email to be sent to inform guests that their room is ready. Go to Settings > Rooms > Housekeeping, turn ON these three settings, and save changes: 
  • Enable Advanced Queue
  • Room Ready Notification
  • Room Ready Auto Check-in

The following will also be turned ON:
  • Enable Queue Rooms (Function will already be ON)
  • Check in to inspected rooms only (will be ON only if needed to match PMS setting)

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