Rover PMS New Features Added (v1.17)

Modified on: Tue, 6 Sep, 2016 at 4:45 PM

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Hello StayNTouch Team, 

The following new features are now available on Rover PMS. Please share with all Rover users at your hotel and let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you, 
The StayNTouch Team

Groups Enhancements

Stationary Enhancements
Guest Confirmation Letter
Company / Agent Card

Room Assignment

CRS Integration  
Housekeeping / Task Management 

Accounts Receivable Enhancements

Credit Card Authorizations

Action Manager 



Print Registration Cards from Rooming List: To print registration cards for selected guests only, use the check boxes to the left of the guest names to select certain group members and then select the print button to initiate registration card printing only for these guests.

To print all registration cards for the entire rooming list, do not select any guests. When no guests have been selected, the registration cards will print for the entire rooming list.

Group Actions: It is now possible to add Actions on Groups – similar to Stay Cards. These actions will not copy to the individual reservations but are designed to let the Group Manager add follow up items and important events for this group.

Group Confirmation:  It is now possible to print confirmation letter specifically for Groups. For Group confirmations, custom header and footer text can be configured and linked to a Group Hold status, so that depending on the guarantee status of the group, different text will display. A 'Confirmation' button has been added to the Group Summary screen; when selected, it will default to the contact email address and give a choice as to whether or not the rooming list will be included in the confirmation. Once emailed, the recipient will see an HTML version of the Group Block, rate and add on details as well as any confirmed guests if rooming list has been set to be included.


Guest Confirmation: Two additional social network icons have been added for configuration of the Guest Confirmation letter – TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Company / Travel Agent Bill: The address header has been changed to reflect company / travel agent details as well as guest information.

Confirmation Letter and Guest Bill: It is now possible to customize the email subject and body for each of these options.

Registration Card: Signature Capture has been enabled to allow the pulling of the electronic signature to the PDF version of the document for printing and storing.

Group Confirmation Letter: This is a new confirmation format that has been specifically added for groups – see above (#GrConf) for more details.

Guest Bill: When sending an invoice by email or when printing an invoice, there is an option to select different models. Invoices with many charges be presented to the guest in different ways. For group invoices it is also possible to show the total of the charges per room.


Multi-language Confirmation Letter: Add a language to the guest card which will represent the guest’s default spoken language. Then, if set up by the property, it will be possible to send the guests a confirmation letter in their language.

Custom Text on Guest Confirmation Letter: For confirmations you can now enter custom text when sending. This is a setting that can be turned on/off in the stationary settings. When active, the user will see the option to add a block of free format text including a title, which will show on the confirmation email.


On each Company and Agency Card, there is now a 'NOTES' tab to add relevant information regarding that specific customer.


Select from All Level Room Types in the Room Assignment screen when searching for a room type other than the one that has been set on the stay card. If no rate information has been configured for the newly selected room type, the previous room type’s rate will be selected. It can then be adjusted manually if need be.


Within the Housekeeping Task Management, the ‘Room Status’ has been added to the task configuration to add more flexibility to the task setup. In addition, cleaning times now allow for more granular entries such as minutes as compared to 15minute intervals before.


StayNTouch’s seamless connectivity to TravelTripper’s central reservations system provides robust ability for pricing and revenue management via Rover PMS. Reservations created via Travel Tripper CRS will display in Rover PMS right away and restrictions and prices updated in Rover will reflect in the CRS instantly. This two-way interface provides the ability to manage rates and availability across all channels from one powerful platform via Rover PMS.


A/R Credit Card Payments: Now credit card payments can be processed in A/R. By selecting the PAY button the user will now have credit cards as available payment option and the standard card entry form will appear for processing. Credit card transactions made in AR will be logged in the CC Transaction Log.

A/R Overview Screen: In addition, this screen has been created in Financials > Accounts Receivables to show all company / travel agent cards that have an active AR account with:

* Outstanding balance

* Last payment

* Number of days since the oldest open invoice’s departure date

The user can navigate to the account transaction details by selecting the desired card directly from this screen.


A new choice of authorization has been added to the reservation settings to top up authorization for each guest during the EOD process. This will only include reservations that do not have Routing configured. The EOD process will calculate the balance plus the projected charges, compare it against the authorized amount and automatically initiate authorization of additional amounts if required, according to a pre-set rule in Hotel Admin.

It is now possible to configure a maximum number of nights for all three authorization options (check in, stay extension and automatic top up during EOD). When the max amount of nights is set, authorization will only take place for the configured length of stay. This will prevent authorizing large sums for longer staying guests at the time of arrival.

In addition we have added an Authorization summary on the stay card to show the current authorization for each card that is linked to a bill window on the guest’s reservation with the ability for the user to manually authorize additional amounts if desired.


A new menu item has been added for 'Actions Manager' where all actions can be viewed by department, date, assignment and completion. Future release will see the integration of the Group Actions on this screen as well.


Financial Transactions - Adjustment Report: This report will show which all deleted charges and adjustments.

Top Company / Travel Agent Production Report: This report will give a quick overview of the hotel’s best producing companies, their number of reservations, room nights and revenue.

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