Rover PMS New Features Added (v1.16)

Modified on: Fri, 15 Apr, 2016 at 1:54 PM

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New Features 
Integration Options to SynXis CRS

3rd Party Confirmation Number

Check Out Without Settlement  

Notes On Guest Card 

Billing: Restrict Debit for Company/TA  

Show Payments On AR Tab

Journal Reports 
Switch Off Confirmation Letter

Update Multi Rooms to OOO/OOS 

Housekeeping Task Management 

Add Ons at Hotels w Hourly Configuration 

Accounts at Hotels w Hourly Configuration

Search Bar For Room Assignment at Hotels w Nightly Configuration 


Rover now supports integration with SynXis CRS. Depending on your hotels' needs, we support most common scenarios available on the StayNTouch platform.  

For more information, please contact your StayNTouch sales rep or email  

Third party confirmation numbers can be entered into the search bar to look up and retrieve reservations. It is now also possible to manually input the numbers on the stay card and link them to the external system in preparation for cut over of a new interface or during offline situations.

In order to check a guest out of the room with a balance due, mark the"Check Out Without Settlement" box located to the left of the Check Out button. This will allow the user to check out without being enforced to enter a payment, provided that they have been granted the respective permission.  Once checked out of the room, the open bill reservation can be accessed on the dashboard  quick link "Checked Out (with Balance)" to review bill and/or apply payment. Check out without settlement will also apply for Zest Station and End of Day auto check outs with CASH or credit card bookings without proper authorization.



A Notes tab has been added to the Guest Card. Notes can be added on the guest card in the same way they are added on the stay card for a reservation, but will be a part of the guest profile.

Control whether or not a guest can debit a guest bill to a company / travel agent and define a maximum posting amount to manage the debit process. On the Company / Travel Agent card > AR Account tab, there is a YES/NO switch labeled 'Allow Direct Debit' (default = Yes/green).  Functionality works as follows: 

Allow Direct Debit set to YES: 
Functionality remains as current whereby a reservation can use this company / travel agent card for Direct Bill payments on the Guest Bill. 

Allow Direct Debit set to NO: 

Check out to Direct Bill for this account will no longer be allowed. 

1.  Exiting reservation where bill window has been assigned to company / TA card with payment option Direct Bill. When attempting to check out to DB, and switch has been changed to NO, message 'Company / Travel Agent is restricted for Direct Billing.' is shown with options OK or PROCEED WITH CHECKOUT. 

  • OK will redirect the user back to the Guest bill, where the user will have to remove the company / TA card from the existing bill window or transfer the charges to a guest bill window in order to check the guest out.

  • PROCEED WITH CHECKOUT will override the warning but only users with the relevant permission will see this option.

    When user selects Billing Information, the 'No Debit' indicator should be seen. 

2. Adding new Billing Information or editing existing Billing Information will show a NO DEBIT ALLOWED indicator when the entity and Direct Bill payment is being selected.

SHOW PAYMENTS ON AR TABEach payment will be displayed as a separate line on the AR account in chronological along with charges in chronological order with: 

  • Transaction Date 
  • Transaction Time 
  • User 
  • Method of payment 
  • Reference (for Check Number) 
  • Currency 
  • Amount 

At the top there is a summary for Total Payments, Total Charges, Current Balance and Unallocated Credit with an option to filter and show Payments or Charges (default is All). 

JOURNAL REPORTS -Enhancement includes Title, hotel name and hotel logo has been added as well as the ability to print the full detailed report for all ledgers or the summary only.


Hotels using a 3rd party application do handle confirmation letters outside of Rover may switch OFF the automatic emailing of confirmation letters.

To update settings, go to:

  • Menu > Hotel & Staff > Stationary
  • Update "Send Confirmation Letter" switch 
  • Save Changes


In the Housekeeping module, Out of Order and Out of Service status can be updated for multiple rooms at once. To select rooms visible in list view, check the box at the top right or to select several rooms, mark the boxes for each room number. 

Note, if the room selected is: 

  • Assigned to future reservation(s), user will be alerted to move reservation to another room in order to proceed with changing room status to OOO/OOS. 
  • Currently occupied, it will be possible to proceed with OOO/OOS status. 

Task frequency: A task frequency can now be configured for housekeeping tasks that are not required every day. Frequencies can be set as either weekday or weekend, day of the week or as a custom number of days after arrival. For example, every 3 days.

To configure task frequencies, go to:

Menu > Settings > Rooms > Task Management > Task List

Tasks on Stay Card
Work Types 'Stayover Clean', 'Turndown' & 'Linen Change' can be configured to show on each stay card. Tasks for these work types can be changed individually for each reservation directly on the stay card.

Default tasks can be configured for each work type and for 'Stayover Clean' a default can also be configured on a rate level. When creating a reservation the default tasks will automatically be chosen and displayed on the stay card.

No Service button on Stay Card has been added to the stay card. When activated, no tasks for this room will be shown in task management.

Task Management Dashboard
The task management dashboard displays time required, staff required, number of rooms, number of tasks assigned as well as number of tasks completed, grouped by work type. The work types can be expanded in order to display the information by task within each work type.

Multiple Tasks Per Room
Task management can now handle multiple tasks per room which can be assigned together to a single person or several different people. To assign tasks, simply drag and drop unassigned tasks to employees' work sheets in task management.

There have been some modifications to the room status screen to add ability to switch between the original room status screen and a task view, listing all tasks scheduled per room, using a switch on top of the screen to switch between views.

Users having the Floor & Maintenance staff role associated with their login will by default see the task view and only see the room/tasks assigned to them. All other users will by default see room status view.

Multiple tasks assigned to a room can also be seen on the room work tab with the addition of a drop down menu to select all tasks assigned to this room and display the respective assignee. The user to whom a task is assigned to can also start & complete a task from this screen.

Ability to offer and post charges for Add Ons is now possible for hotels with hourly configuration. Add ons will be:  

  •  Available when a reservation is created to post once for the stay
  • Appear in the Arrival Report
  • Automatically get posted at check-in

Accounts is now available at hotels using hourly configuration to setup billing information for routing and to move charges from a stay card an account.  Accounts is located under: Menu > Front Desk > Accounts, and is limited to ‘House’ account type. 

For hotels using nightly configuration, a search bar has been added on the Room Assignment page. Entering a room number will bypass the room selection process using room type and filter criteria. The room number entered will get displayed regardless of room status or room type selected. 

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