Key Encoders

Modified on: Wed, 20 Feb, 2019 at 10:58 PM

To connect Zest Station to network-based key encoders, they must first be configured in Rover.

Navigate to Settings > Interfaces > Key Encoders


On the Key Encoders screen, you can edit existing encoders by clicking the description, or you can click "Add New" at the top.

Your StayNTouch implementation specialist will assist you in configuring Key Encoders where necessary. 

  • The "Description" should be a reference that allows you to recognize the specific device.
  • The "Location" is another reference to help identify the specific device. 
  • The Encoder ID must match the settings in your Door Lock Interface.


Once you have Key Encoders configured, return to the Workstation Configuration screen and set the Key Encoders assigned to each Workstation.


Save your changes and visit the additional articles in the "Workstation" series to learn about the additional Workstation fields.

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