Upsell Early Check-In Setup

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Upsell Early Check-In Setup

Early Check-in Flow

During both Zest Web mobile check-in and Zest Station check-in, when the Upsell Early Check-In setting is turned ON, if a guest enters an ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME before the hotel's standard check-in time, the guest will be offered an opportunity to purchase early check-in or change their arrival time to a later time.  



If purchased, the early check-in charge will get posted to the guest's bill automatically, and the guest will be able to proceed with completing mobile check-in.  


Change Arrival Time

If the option to change the arrival time is selected, the soonest the guest will be able to select as their ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME will be the time that the hotel has designated as the "End Time" for Early Check-in Upsell. Once the max number of early check-in upsells has been reached, or if guest's reservation should be excluded from receiving Upsell Early Check-In, the below screen will display, prompting the guest to enter a later check-in time.


Go to Settings > Promos & Upsell > Upsell Early Check-In to update and save preferred settings. 

Our recommendation is to complete all setup, SAVE CHANGES every couple of minutes, and then go back to the top and switch ON Early Check-in Upsell.  

Enter a charge code that should be used to post the early check-in charge onto the guest bill. 


Select the start time for Early Check-In Upsell and enter the price. Prices can be entered up to 3 times. Note that on the check-in setup page, the Start Auto Check-In From time should be the same or earlier so that reservations with early check-in purchase will get auto checked in before the guest's arrival. 

If an ADD-ON for early check-in is available during reservation process, the ADD-ON can be selected. This way, guests who purchased an early check-in will be allowed to proceed with mobile check-in without it being offered again.  


Select the END TIME for Early Check-in Upsell. Guests who enter this time or later will be able to proceed with the mobile check-in process without being shown the offer to purchase early check-in. 

Enter the number of early check-in upsells allowed for the day for all room types combined. Doing so will help prevent over-extending too many early check-ins for the day. 


Further down this page, rate codes that should bypass the Early Check-in Upsell can be selected from the dropdown. To do so, select ADD RATE and then SAVE CHANGES. A time should be entered for the bypass to take effect. For example, if a rate code includes 11:00 AM check-in, enter 11:00 AM as the start time to bypass the Early Check-in Upsell and need to purchase it. Exclusions may also be removed using the "X". Select SAVE CHANGES once the settings are updated.  


In addition to limiting the max number of early check-ins allowed, total for the day, and all room types, it is also possible to enter the max allowed for each room number. In the example below, even though 150 early check-ins are allowed for the day, only 25 of those can be guests in a Junior Suite. No early check-in offers will be shown to guests with reservations in the Owner Rooms category.  

Guests with reservations that use certain block codes can also be excluded from being shown early check-in offers.  

Scroll down and SAVE CHANGES regularly.  


Go back to the top of the setup page and switch ON the Early Check-in Upsell setting. 

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