Upsell Rooms Setup and Optimization

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Upsell Rooms Setup & Optimization

with Photos & Room Descriptions

Room Upgrade Overview

Offering rooms upgrades to your guests is one way to generate additional revenue for your property during the Rover check-in and Zest Web check-in process. Manage the Room Upsell page in Rover by selecting Settings > Promos & Upsells > Upsell Rooms. 

Daily Upsell: Targets 

Enter the target cash amount that you would like to see displayed on the Rover Dashboard. As upsells are purchased, the Actual amount will begin to increase to match the Target amount, allowing your team to actively monitor the property's upsell progress. 

Target Upsell Setup


View from Dashboard


Additional Settings 


Upsell 1 Night Stays Only (All Room Types)

  • Mark this box if you'd like Rover to only allow reservations staying one night to be able to purchase a room upgrade. 
  • Rover currently has the ability to check availability against the reservation's arrival date. As a result, this box can be marked on days leading up to higher occupancy levels, which will limit overselling into higher room categories. 

Force Upsell

  • Mark the box to show the Available Upgrades screen without using the upgrades button on the Stay Card during the Rover check-in process.


Daily Upsell: Levels 

Another important step when configuring room upsells is the process of segmenting room types into three different levels. Rover can rank your property's rooms on a scale from 1 - 3. 



This is a necessary step, because it indicates to Rover how different rooms upgrades rank—and thus—should be priced at your property. Use the following scale to help you rank room types at your property: 

  • Level 1: Base- and lower-category room types
  • Level 2: Mid-category room types
  • Level 3: Highest category rooms types.


Daily Upsell: Room Level Targets 

Rover also allows your property to control if room upsells are offered on the DAY OF ARRIVAL or DAY BEFORE ARRIVAL (based on the reservation's arrival date). Refer to the section below to help you determine how to set up the timing of the room upgrade at your property.                                                                                



1. Turn ON/OFF 
- Use the toggle to turn ON or OFF the particular upgrade. 

2. Enter Price Per Upgrade Group 
- Level 1 to 2 (lower price - Ex. $10) 
- Level 1 to 3 (highest price - Ex. $40) 
- Level 2 to 3 (middle-range price - Ex. $30) 

3. Charge Code 
- Select a charge code that will be posted as the nightly upsell fee on the reservation's bill. 

4. Limit Upsell Offers
With the Limit Upsell Offers for Following Room Types by Max LOS (Length of Stay), you can choose to select certain room types that will NOT be included or offered to guests during upsell offers. (You can repeat this step for multiple room types.) 

To manage this: 
- Room Type: Select a room type from the dropdown menu. 
- Allow Rover Overwrite: Mark this box if you'd like the room type restriction to ONLY apply to Zest Web check-ins. If the guest is being checked in with Rover, your staff will still be able to offer this particular room type to the guest. (This setting only impacts Zest Web check-ins.) 
- Max LOS: This setting controls if a room type is available to a reservation, based on the total number of nights the reservation is booked to stay at the property. (This number can be zero or higher.) 
- Zero: Entering a zero indicates to Rover that you never want this room type to be available for upgrades. 
- Any Number Higher Than Zero: If you enter a number higher than zero, then ONLY reservations equal to or less than that number will be able to upgrade to this room type. For example, if the Max LOS was set to 6, then only reservations booked for 6 nights or less would be eligible to upgrade to this room type. Because guests typically pay less for a nicer room when they choose to upgrade versus when they actually book the room at its regular stay rate, this setting was added to ensure a certain room type was not being undersold for an extended period of time.

How to Upload Photos 

Encourage guests to purchase room upgrades during both Rover and Zest Web check-ins with room photography. 

  • File Format: .jpg
  • Dimension: 905w x 504h pixels
  • File Size: 200k or smaller 

Photo Guidelines 

In Settings > Rooms > Room Types, images can be loaded into Rover by a user with Hotel Admin rights. For best results, use these guidelines regarding image size before uploading room photos in Rover.  

Tip 1:  Images with smaller dimensions may appear pixelated/blurry and images with larger dimensions and/or file size will require longer load times, slowing down the check-in process. 

Tip 2:  Click on the room type name. Then choose File, use the PICTURE button to select and upload the appropriate room image file, and then save changes. Once the image has been added, a preview will display.

How to Update Room Descriptions

Add concise bullet points to the room upgrade offer for each room type  from the following page. Room descriptions help guests understand the value of the upgrade, which encourages the guest to purchase the room upgrade. 

Place a specific formatting style at the beginning and ending of your text. "Closing" a text style will always have a forward-dash before the stylistic element </>.

HTML Style Guide:

<b> Bold text </b>

<i> Italic text </i>

<li> Bullet points </li> 

From the Room Type page (Settings > Rooms > Room Type):

  • Select the room type.
  • Update the StayNTouch description.
  • Click Save Changes


<li> Light filled spacious suite</li> 

<li>Separate sitting area</li>

<li> Spectacular city views</li>

<b> Complimentary box of handcrafted chocolates </b>


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