Rover PMS - New features added (v1.14)

Modified on: Sun, 24 Apr, 2016 at 9:33 PM

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The following new features have been added to Rover PMS:

  • Forgot Password 
  • Group Rooms Auto Assignment
  • Allotment Availability 
  • Allotment Billing Information  
  • Add On Exclusion from Rate 

  • Item Inventory 
  • Front Desk Post Charges
  • Journal Summary View Detail 
  • Journal Logic 
  • Reports

  • Availability Screen Improvements 
  • Billing Information Routing Dates 
  • Travel Agent Commissions 
  • Banqueting Interface 

A 'Forgot Password' link has been added to the Rover login page. Users can enter their email address and click on the link to receive an email to reset password.  The email will come from with the title 'From StayNTouch: Password Reset Confirmation'.   

  • Copy and paste the temporary password provided in the email and click on the link to unlock the account. 
  • Paste the temporary password into the current password field 
  • Create and enter a new password twice
  • Select 'Reset My Password'

The new password can be used moving forward, until the next time Rover prompts to rest your password (occurs every 90 days).

Forgot PW link email reset 


Rover will assign group rooms in numerical order if assigned for a future arrival date. However, for reservations arriving on the current date (today), Rover will auto-assign rooms in the following order (then numeric): 

  • Inspected (if turned on) 
  • Clean 
  • Picked-Up (if turned on) 
  • Dirty 

In order to have a good overview of their current allotments over a certain period of dates and to manage availability at the same time, on the Availability screen, option 'Allotments' has been added to the drop down. 

When selected, a new screen will show: 
1. Allotment Rooms (Total rooms) 

  • Expand by Hold Status 
  • Each day will show the total amount of Rooms Held in summary and by Hold Status.

2. Allotment Rooms (Picked Up rooms) 

  • Each day will show the total amount of Rooms Picked Up in summary and by Hold Status. 

3. List each allotment that spans across the selected date period, with Hold Status. Down arrows will let the user drill into each allotment right arrows will navigate to the details of the allotment on the Allotment Reservations Tab 

4. Expand by Allotment 

  • Shows Rooms Held and Rooms Picked Up Total for each day for each allotment. 
  • Selecting the orange square for Rooms Held will provide option to 'Release remaining rooms for the day' and return rooms to inventory or select Cancel to revert back to the previous screen without making changes. 

The Billing Information button on the Allotment Summary screen can be used to manage the Billing information for an allotment. User will be prompted to copy the default billing information that exist for the attached company or travel agent card. When both exists, it will be possible to choose which ones to copy.  When Yes is selected, Billing instructions can be inserted to each current, future and newly created reservation in the allotment. Or select No to enter custom Billing information.


When selecting a room / rate combination for a reservation, an add on can be excluded from appearing by using the 'Exclude from Rate' setting.  Also, if a rate is changed, a check will take place. If the add on is excluded from the new rate, it will be removed from the reservation and notification will appear stating 'Reservation Add on <Add On name> is not available for the selected rate and has been removed.

When Item inventory is switched ON, on the availability screen next to House Status, there will be a new ‘Item Inventory’ tab. For the selected dates, inventory counts for each item will appear. When inventory is less than four, it will be shaded in red and when it drops to zero, it will appear in red. This will make it easy to view inventory for all items for the duration of a guest's stay.  

When using the search bar on the Front Desk -> Post Charges window, the search by agent / company will return search results and also show the Agent / Company attached to the reservations. If a partial search leads to multiple matches of different cards it will be possible to identify and select the correct record.

The final figures from previous EOD can be expanded to balance what has been calculated against the individual records. It will be possible to: 

  • Expand each of the three sections of the Journal:
  • Deposit, Guest and A/R Balance 
  • Show all transactions with respective details 
  • Transactions balance with total and related reports 
  • Print and save files 

The Journal breakdown of transactions and the grouping into Deposit and Guest Balances will include postings for cancellations, no show and pre stay revenue based on the following: 


  •  If no deposit has been posted: When a reservation is cancelled, and a cancellation charge is applied, the respective charge will also be posted to offset the balance to 0.00. balance to 0.00. Both payment and revenue posting should be applied to guest balance (debit / credit).
  • If deposit has been posted. With the cancellation of the reservation and the option to not refund deposit, the respective revenue will be posted. Both payment and revenue will be  transferred to the guest balance. From then on, any postings or payment on a Cancellation booking should go into the guest ledger. 
  • Above logic will also apply to groups where HOLD status = CANCEL 
  • If there is an outstanding balance on either group or guest for Cancelled status, these accounts / reservations will be included in the Guest Balance Report 
No Shows 

  • If a reservation has a deposit payment and turns into a no show,  payment will be transferred to the guest ledger as a credit. Then postings or payment on a No Show booking will go into the guest ledger. 
  • If there is an outstanding balance on the reservation, it will be included in the Guest Balance Report.

Pre-check-in revenue:

  • The moment a revenue posting (non payment) is being posted to a reservation, all payments as well as the revenue posting will be transferred to guest balance and the reservation will be treated like an IN-HOUSE reservation. 
  • Outstanding balances on these accounts / reservations will be included in the Guest Balance report. 


Ability to print in-house reports for past and future dates has been added with a date filter to select future or past dates.  Also, following new reports are now available: 


Both of these reports can be exported to a csv file considering the selected filters and date range.  

  • On the Reports title menu, the EXPORT button is located to the left of the SHOW button. 
  • On the Report screen output, the EXPORT button is located to the left of the print icon. 

WEB CHECK IN CONVERSION BY DAY- Similar to the Web Conversion by Month, this report shows a break down by day with totals at the top for the selected date range.


A number of changes have been made including addition of colours to focus more easily on the figures being viewed. 

  • The Occupancy % folder includes:

     -  Room inventory  

     -  Number of rooms out of order 

     -  Best available rate for that day for 1 person

  • Available Rooms, red colour is used for 0 availability or minus 

  • Rooms Sold:

     -  Orange colour indicates days below 5 rooms available 

     -  Rooms Sold are divided in non-group and group rooms   

     -  Number of adults/children shows when unfolded 

  • Group / Allotment rooms is displayed in the last row

  • Options

    have been added in the upper left selection where by default shows “Availability” to also select Item inventory (if configured) and Groups and Allotments.

  • Item

    inventory shows all ADD ON’s and their availability 

  • Groups shows the actual groups affecting the availability.

  • NOTE: A great new feature here is that you can release rooms from blocks as well!


Ability to add FROM / TO dates to any routing on a reservation is possible.  All charges within the selected date range will be routed. Default dates will be arrival through departure date and if added mid-stay, current date through departure date. If routing date is back dated, the charges that have been already been posted will also be moved. After the specified date range has passed, the charges will no longer be routed.  


The first phase of this new module allows for the setup, calculation and display of commissions on both Stay card and Travel Agent cards.  

Commissions can be set to calculate by rate, agent or custom per stay card and may be set by percentage, amount or prepaid. Once the guest checks out, the End of Day process will calculate the commission owed to the attached travel agent based on the commission code that has been attached to the stay card and the generated commissionable revenue. The reservations will show on the ‘Commissions’ tab for the travel agent, displaying the respective commission amounts which can be set to ‘PAID’ status once the hotel has paid the monies owed back to the agent.

Future functionality will see the recalculation of commission in case of change, extended commission reporting and exporting tools.

An interface to LetShare Banqueting program will provide ability to post revenue reserved in a banquet reservation in Rover and send AR invoices.  

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