PMS Distribution

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PMS Distribution

PLEASE NOTE: StayNTouch Cloud PMS ONLY supports reservations that extend up to 92 days. Any reservations longer than 92 days are not supported currently.

PMS Distribution

StayNTouch Cloud PMS can interface to a multi-property or single hotel’s partner (e.g., channel manager, central reservation system, or hotel marketing automation) in order to: 

  • Distribute rates and inventory across all channels (OTAs, GDS, and IBE) 
  • Handle group control
  • Manage company, agency, and guest profiles 
  • Send guest communications (confirmation messages, post-stay emails, etc.)
  • Offer promotions (upgrades, add-ons, etc.)

Channel Manager: Siteminder

Integration to a channel manager provides StayNTouch Cloud PMS the ability to distribute available rooms, rates and restrictions to offline and online travel agents (OTA’s) and/or Global Reservation Systems (GDS). Reservations made through these OTA’s are imported automatically StayNTouch Cloud PMS. Many channel managers also offer an internet bookings engine.

Information StayNTouch sends from StayNTouch Cloud PMS to channel manager:

  1. Changes in rates and restrictions
  2. Available rooms 

Central Reservation System (CRS): Sabre/SynXis 

In addition to the same functions as a channel manager, integration to CRS can include additional functionalities: 

  • Promotions
  • Group control
  • Internet booking engine (IBE)
  • Maintaining multi-property company, agency, and guest profiles  

For every reservation in the PMS, there will be corresponding a CRS confirmation number, and for every reservation in the CRS, there will be a PMS confirmation number. The following is information that StayNTouch sends from StayNTouch Cloud PMS to the CRS:

  1. Changes in rates and restrictions
  2. Available rooms 
  3. Guest details
  4. Loyalty and frequent flyer information
  5. Company information
  6. Contract rates
  7. Promotions
  8. Group blocks

Hotel Marketing Automation: Z-Direct

In the first phase of integration to the hotel marketing automation system, StayNTouch Cloud PMS sends new and changed reservation notifications, availability per room type information, and available rates. In addition, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will send an update when guests check in or out, including reservation confirmations, good bye and thank you emails, and offers for upgrades and add-ons.

Information StayNTouch sends from StayNTouch Cloud PMS PMS:

  1. Availability updates
  2. Reservations and modifications made
  3. Rate updates
  4. Check in and Check out notifications
  5. Cancellations

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