Rover PMS - New Features Added (Version 1.13.0)

Modified on: Wed, 18 May, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

New Features and Improvements include: 

Guest Arrival Time For Cleaning Priority  

Automatic Group Room Release  

Change Rate on Group Reservation  

Custom Rate 

Attach Co/TA Card to Group Booking  

Removal of Co/TA Card                                       

Pick Up From Allotment  

Add On Weekly Posting 


Distribution Interfaces


In the Housekeeping - Room Status list view, rooms assigned to guests who have completed Zest Web Check-in will show the expected arrival time that guests provided while completing web check-in.  This time can be used to help determine which rooms to clean first.  

As part of the end of day process, Rover will check all current groups and release non-picked up rooms back into house inventory.  

  • Rover will locate all groups with a room release date for the current business date 
  • Rover will perform a check of all groups with system defined hold status as well as custom hold status. 
  • All group rooms that have not been picked up by a group will be released back to house inventory, and counts on the grid will be set to equal to the number of picked up rooms 
  • Activity logging will reflect rooms were released back into house inventory by EOD process 

After all rooms for all groups have been released, Rover will also perform the inventory sync script to ensure house availability accuracy.


Previously, it was not possible to edit the rate amount on the Stay Card for a reservation that was part of a group. Moving forward, users with permission will be able to apply a custom rate (edit rate) to any booking attached to a group block. The custom rate may be greater than or less than the group rate and can also be zero. 


Groups and Allotments will now display properly in the Rooms & Rates screen when they have custom rates attached instead of a group or corporate rate.

Rates will display with name 'Group Rate' and description 'Group Rate for Group x' where x is the Group Name. If there is a linked deposit rule, then it too will display.  The same applies for allotments. 

The rate amount and tax, based on the group will show. It will then be possible to select the Room / Rate combination accordingly. If occupancy has been selected, the rate will show according to the selected occupancy. Children will not have a rate value and therefore add 0.  


For Groups, on the Account tab, a new button for BALANCE DETAILS has been added. It is similar to the Deposit/Balance button on the Stay Card, however, for groups it will display totals for both projected and actual amounts posted for Room Revenue, Add On Revenue and Tax Exclusive along with Total Balance and Payments Received.  

The Deposit side will show deposit rules (if added) deposit payments (if no rules) with ability to make payment.

When attaching a Group or Allotment to reservation that has a company and/or travel agent card attached, the card will get attached to the Stay Card header. This will apply when attached through: 

  • Group Rooming List 
  • Create Reservation
  • Attaching a group to the Stay Card 

When removing a travel agent or company card from a reservation, Billing Information and contracted rates will also be removed and redirect to the Rooms & Rates screen to select a new rate.  

When removing the Travel Agent, it will first be necessary to confirm if this should apply to all current reservations or this reservation only. Then, a pop up will display that 'Removing card may update Billing and Rate Information' with options to 'Remove Card' or 'Cancel'. 

If 'Remove Card' is selected, it will proceed with removing the entity, will automatically remove the entity's billing information if present, (but keep any other existing billing information) and navigate the user to the Rooms & Rates screen where a new rate needs to be selected (default to current room type). 

Allotments will work and display the same way that Groups do.  The allotment will display on the Stay Card and when it will be possible to create/search for a reservation that is part of an Allotment, along with ability to add card and billing instructions.  

When attaching an allotment to a reservation that already has a company card or travel agent card attached, and potentially also uses a rate has been defined on the contract, a prompt will appear asking 'Group / Allotment information will replace linked cards, rates and billing information' with an option to 'Link Group / Allotment' or 'Cancel'. Note that if:  

  • If allotment has a company card attached, it will replace reservation's company card. 
  • If allotment has a travel agent card attached, it will replace the reservation's travel agent card. 
  • Any cards that are attached where there is no updated card information will remain on the reservation.  It will be possible to manually remove them, if desired. 
  • Rate will be updated with the allotment rate.  
  • Demographics will be updated with the allotment demographics.  
  • Billing information will be updated with the allotment Billing information.


For Add-Ons, there is an option to charge for a full week only. If there are additional days included in the stay, or the stay is for less than a full week, the charge will not be applied for stay days under a week. A Hotel Admin user may apply the 'Weekly Posting' option.  

  • Go to: Menu  -> Setting -> Rates -> Add Ons  
  • On the Post Type drop down, select 'Every Weekly'
  • Save Changes  


  • Reservation arrives on 1 Sep til 13 Sep, system will only charge for 1 week. 
  • Reservation arrives on 1 Sep until 6 Sep, system will not charge at all.

An improvement has been so that when there is NO promo code entered in the availability query, a message will show that ‘promotion_code' is needed. Previously, if promo code was not entered, only rate(s) without the PROMO discount would come up.

Rover will now perform an authorization check before completing the Zest Web Check-ins and Check-outs to ensure there is sufficient credit authorized on the booking. 

For Zest Web Check-in:  

  • Web Zest will consider the house authorization rule while sending the check-in request to Rover. 
  • Rover will allow the check in request to process, given that a *SUCCESS* message is returned.
  • Rover will not allow the web check in a *FAILED* or *DECLINED* message is returned from authorization at check in. 
  • If the credit card authorization is not successful; Web Zest will display a message that the attempt was not successful and direct the guest to the hotel staff for additional details. 

For Zest Web Check-out: 

  • Once the request to check out is received, Rover will check the reservation balance, and current authorization amount. 
  • If there is sufficient amount of credit authorized, Rover will continue with Zest Web check-out flow.
  • If there is an insufficient amount of credit authorized, Rover will attempt to authorize for the amount over the amount previously authorized. 
  • If the credit card authorization is not successful; Web Zest will display a message that the attempt was not successful and direct the guest to the hotel staff for additional details.

StayNTouch's partnerships with Siteminder channel manager, SynXis central reservation system and Z-Direct hotel marketing automation, enable single and multi-property clients to easily distribute hotel inventories and manage reservations. Rover PMS offers the ability to: 

  • Distribute rates and inventory across all channels (OTAs, GDS and IBE) 
  • Handle group control
  • Manage company, agency and guest profiles 
  • Send guest communications (confirmation messages, post-stay emails, etc.)
  • Offer promotions (upgrades, add-ons, etc.)

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