Apply Givex Gift Card Payment

Modified on: Thu, 12 May, 2022 at 8:34 AM

Applies to:          Stayntouch Cloud PMS          

Apply Givex Gift Card Payment 


Stayntouch Cloud PMS has the ability to look up the value of a Givex gift card and apply payment based on the balance available. Payment may be posted before check-in or while the guest is in-house, including at time of check-out. The payment amount applied on the guest bill will be deducted from the funds available on the gift card. To set up a Givex integration, see this article.



Select the DEPOSIT/BALANCE button on the Stay Card for a reservation before check-in. On the left side under BALANCE, note the TOTAL COST OF STAY, DEPOSIT PAID, and OUTSTANDING STAY TOTAL. On the right side, select GIFT CARD to apply a deposit using a Givex Gift Card. Then manually enter the gift card number (no spaces). Stayntouch Cloud PMS will automatically verify and display the AVAILABLE BALANCE amount. Enter the AMOUNT TO PAY (can be up to the available amount remaining on the card) and select MAKE PAYMENT.



For in-house reservations, including at the time of check-out, Givex gift card payments may be posted onto a folio. Go to the Guest Bill screen to apply payment by selecting the BILL & CHARGES button for a stayover guest. Otherwise, use the CHECK-OUT button.

Once on the Guest Bill page, select the PAY button to open the PAY BILL window. 

Manually enter the CARD NUMBER (no spaces). Stayntouch Cloud PMS will retrieve and display the AVAILABLE CARD BALANCE amount. Then enter the AMOUNT TO PAY (can be up to the amount available on the card) and select MAKE PAYMENT. Once payment is applied, on the Guest Bill, the Gift Card payment amount will appear in the Credit column.   

For a check-out, if there is still a balance due, it will be possible to apply payment to the existing credit card on file by selecting the COMPLETE CHECK-OUT button. If the existing card needs to be replaced with a new credit card, the new credit card can be swiped and added before selecting COMPLETE CHECK-OUT.

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