Locked User and Password Reset

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Locked User and Password Reset

Locked Out of Rover? 

A Rover-user will be locked out of their account after three consecutive failed login attempts, and a lock icon will appear on the user's account (Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup). Locked users cannot log back in until they reset their password. 


Password Reset Instructions 

When a Rover-user is locked out of their account because of a password error, Rover auto-sends an email from no-reply@stayntouch.com with a link to reset the account's password. This email is delivered to the email address associated with the account and contains a temporary password and link to create a new password. 

Follow these instructions to create a new password:

  • Make sure to EXIT out of your current Rover browser/app. 
  • Locate the no-reply StayNTouch email from your inbox. 
  • Copy the temporary password from the body of the email. 
  • Select Click here to Unlock Your Account in the email. 
  • Enter the temporary password into the Current Password field. 
  • Type a new password. 
  • Re-type the new password to confirm this change. 
- Your new password needs to be at least 8 characters. 
- Have at least one letter and one number. 
- Be different than the last 3 passwords used. 
  • Click the green Reset My Password button.

Option: Temporary Password Unlock   



Alternatively, a Hotel Admin can trigger a password reset by clicking the lock icon that appears on the user's account from the User Setup page.  

The Hotel Admin will then be prompted to enter a temporary password and select Reinvite. The Reinvite button will deliver an email to the account owner with a temporary password and a link to unlock the account.


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