Interface Between Lightspeed POS & StayNTouch: Tips/Changes to Checks

Modified on: Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 at 11:52 AM

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Interface Between Lightspeed POS & StayNTouch: Tips/Changes to Checks

Below are the steps required to post a check with a tip:

1. Before adding a room charge, we recommend you perform a room inquiry. This allows you to verify a guest has checked into a room at the hotel and confirm they have billing privileges. You can perform a room inquiry by following the instructions in Step 2, only without posting the payment.

2. To post a payment to the room, select the PAY button and then the Room button, and enter the room number or customer name. Lightspeed POS will post the payment to StayNTouch Cloud PMS. 

Room charge should only be selected once you have the signed check from the guest that would have the tip added.

Once the Room button is selected, this will send the check to the guest bill. In Lightspeed, the bill will show as Paid.

3. The charge will appear in StayNTouch Cloud PMS, but Lightspeed is still awaiting a tip. Upon posting a payment, the option to Add tip will appear. You can then select the Finalize button to post the tip, and this will post to PMS, as well. 

4. Once finalized, no further changes should be made to the check on Lightspeed POS, as it will not integrate with StayNTouch Cloud PMS. Lightspeed POS will allow a user to update checks, but this is not supported by the interface.

5. If it is found that there is an item on the check that was missed or a tip was not posted, the check must be voided in Lightspeed POS. The void will cancel the check in the POS. 

At this point, a new check needs to be created with the correct charges and tip amount for it to integrate with PMS. The new check with all the correct details can then be sent to StayNTouch Cloud PMS via room charge.

NOTE: For tips to post correctly, the account number must be entered from Settings > Integrations > POS Integrations > Lightspeed POS, and the ACCOUNT STATUS must be set to OPEN from Front Desk > Accounts.

The video below demonstrates the process of posting a check with tip.


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