StayNTouch Cloud PMS Menu Options

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StayNTouch Cloud PMS Menu Options

Upon logging into StayNTouch Cloud PMS, you will be directed to the Manager Dashboard. To the top left of the screen, you will see an orange hamburger menu. Click that to view the full StayNTouch Cloud PMS menu. Once you have clicked on the menu icon, you will see a list of the available options for navigation in StayNTouch Cloud PMS.

From there, you can navigate through the various sections in StayNTouch Cloud PMS, which include the following:

  • Front Desk
    • Search Reservations: This brings you to the reservation search screen.
    • Create Reservation: This brings you to the rate query screen.
    • Room Diary: This shows you the full room diary for a selected date range.
    • Post Charges: This allows you to post charges directly to a guest, room, or account.
    • Cashier: This is where users come at the end of their shift to close their cashier.
    • Guests: This is a screen where you can search for guest cards, and if necessary, you can merge those cards.
    • Accounts: This screen has a list of all your group and house accounts.
    • End of Day: For those users with access to EOD, this screen has EOD utilities.

  • Groups
    • New Group: You can begin creating a new group from this screen.
    • Manage Groups: This screen allows you to manage all of your groups.
    • New Allotment: You can begin creating a new allotment from this screen.
    • Manage Allotment: This screen allows you to manage your list of allotments.

  • Revenue Management
    • Rate Manager: This brings you to the Rate Manager, where you can select a date range and a particular rate or room type and start working on restrictions and price point changes for a particular rate.
    • Company & TA Cards: From here, you can search for company and travel agent cards, and just like with guest cards, you can make any changes or merge cards if necessary.
    • Sell Limits: If sell limits are enabled for your hotel, this is where you can set a limit for the selling of physical rooms available on a specific date.

  • Housekeeping
    • Room Status: This is where you can go ahead and change the housekeeping status of your rooms inventory.
    • Task Management: This is where you can break out your room assignments for the day.

  • Financials
    • Journal: This is a dynamic, on-screen report, where your finance team can take a look at all the transactions that happened for the day or any selected date.
    • CC Transactions: This is where payments and authorizations for credit cards are recorded. These can be searched for by date, too.
    • Accounts Receivable: This lists all of your A/R accounts.
    • Commissions: From here, you can view and export your commission payments.
    • Invoice Search: This is where you can search for your invoices.
    • Auto Charge: For those hotels that have auto charge enabled, this is where all the deposit transactions that the PMS has done during EOD are listed. You can search for successful or declined transactions.
    • Currency Exchange: If currency exchange is enabled for your hotel, this is where you can update the various exchange rates for multiple currencies.

  • Actions
    • Actions Manager: This is where you can review and print any actions for a particular department for the day. You can also add actions from this screen.

  • Reports
    • New Report: This is where you can review, search, and print reports. 
    • Reports Inbox: This keeps tracks of reports you have generated.
    • Schedule a Report/Export: This is where you can schedule a report or export.

The above explains how to navigate the StayNTouch Cloud PMS menu and offers a brief explanation of each section. Each section is explained in full detail in their own dedicated articles. For more information about the StayNTouch Cloud PMS menu, you can view this video or contact Customer Support.

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