Reservation Enhancements

Modified on: Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 at 5:42 AM

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Reservation Enhancements

This article will cover how to add reservation enhancements during the reservation flow. To add a reservation enhancement, you must first create a reservation by either clicking the +NEW button to the top right of the Manager Dashboard or by navigating to Front Desk > Create Reservation.

From here, go through the reservation creation process as normal until you reach the Enhance Stay screen. 

On this screen, you will be presented with opportunities to enhance the stay, broken down by category. Examples include Bestseller, Food & Beverage, Miscellaneous, Revenue, Parking, Rooms, Taxes, etc. For each enhancement, you can select a quantity and then proceed by clicking the green ADD button. Upon adding an enhancement, a ROOM ENHANCEMENTS popup will appear with the options to ADD MORE TO THIS ROOM or CLOSE WINDOW. If you select the former, you will be directed back to the Enhance Stay screen where you can add more enhancements; otherwise, you will be able to proceed by clicking BOOK

One you finish creating the reservation and continue to the Stay Card, you will notice an orange ADD-ONS button, which you can click to view room enhancements or ADD MORE TO THIS ROOM.

The above explains how to enhance a reservation. For more information, you can view this video or contact Customer Support.

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