How to Create a Corporate Reservation

Modified on: Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 at 5:37 AM

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How to Create a Corporate Reservation

To create a corporate reservation, first navigate to the dashboard and select +NEW to create a new reservation. From here, enter your arrival and departure dates. In the COMPANY / T.A. / GROUP / ALLOTMENT field, you can search for a company or travel agent for which you would like to check the rate. You can then select FIND ROOMS & RATES to see if the rate is available for the company/travel agent. On the RECOMMENDED tab, StayNTouch Cloud PMS shows no availability, which means there is no availability for the corporate rate, because the company doesn't have a corporate rate. 

However, you can toggle to the RATE tab to see your hotel's general availability for your standard daily rate and any discounted rates that may be applicable.

If you navigate back to the reservation creation (or rate query) screen, you can enter a company/travel agent that you know has a corporate rate. On the RECOMMENDED tab for Microsoft, the Group Rate is available. You can expand this rate to view room type availability and select BOOK to reserve a particular room type for the guest.

Please note, if the rate is closed (due to restrictions on the rate), it will not show under RECOMMENDED unless you select the Show Restrictions checkbox.

You can then choose any enhancements or add-ons that may be required for the reservation, or you can simply select BOOK to continue to the guest card search screen. Here, you can search for an existing guest card or enter a new one if required. 

Once you've confirmed the guest's information, you can then enter a payment method for the guest. Upon doing so, select CONTINUE. At this point, you will be prompted to enter demographics if required for your hotel. You can then proceed to confirm the reservation if confirmation emails are enabled for your hotel. Once you select CONFIRM RESERVATION, you can choose to GO TO STAY CARD.

In the top bar of the stay card, you'll notice that the gray icon does not have a search bar, which indicates that an entity is attached. This can also be seen in the ASSOCIATED WITH field.

The above article explains how to create a corporate reservation. For more information, see this video or contact Customer Support.

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