Housekeeping Configuration

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Housekeeping Configuration


To configure housekeeping settings in Stayntouch Cloud PMS, navigate to Settings > Rooms > Housekeeping. From here, you can identify how you would like to work with the housekeeping module.

Here is an overview of the settings you can enable/disable:

  • USE INSPECTED ROOM STATUS/Check into inspected rooms only: When the USE INSPECTED STATUS toggle is turned ON and the Check into inspected rooms only checkbox is selected, only inspected room numbers will display in green. Clean and/or pickup rooms will display in orange on the Housekeeping > Room Status page and orange on the Arrivals page. Guests cannot be checked in to clean or pickup rooms in Stayntouch Cloud PMS when the Check into inspected rooms only checkbox is selected. When the USE INSPECTED STATUS toggle is turned ON and the Check into inspected rooms only checkbox is NOT selected, then inspected and clean room numbers will both display in green. Guests can be checked into both inspected and clean rooms in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. Pickup room numbers display in orange on the Housekeeping > Room Status page and orange on the Arrivals page. Front desk staff will NOT be able to check guests into a room if the room's status is pickup.

  • USE PICK-UP ROOM STATUS: This will enable pickup rooms.
  • ENABLE QUEUE ROOMS: Sometimes due-in guests arrive at your hotel, ready to check-in to their room before their room has been updated with a ready status. With the PUT IN QUEUE button on the stay card, you can better manage these guests, ensuring they get checked-in to their rooms as quickly as possible. Guests need to be assigned a room to be PUT IN QUEUE. You can either assign the room before queuing the room, or Stayntouch Cloud PMS will prompt you to assign a room upon clicking the PUT IN QUEUE button. Once the guest is put in queue, the PUT IN QUEUE button will become a REMOVE FROM QUEUE button, and the room will appear in the QUEUED tile on the Dashboard.

  • ROOM READY NOTIFICATION: If pre-check-in has been enabled for your hotel, and a guest has pre-checked in, this will notify guests when their room is ready.
  • ROOM READY AUTO CHECK-IN: When a guest's room is ready, the guest will be automatically checked into their room.
  • ROOM ASSIGNMENT HIGHEST TO LOWEST: This will differentiate and assign rooms from highest to lowest. If this toggle is turned OFF, rooms will be assigned from lowest to highest.
  • Enable room status update at check-out: Instead of defaulting all rooms upon check-out to dirty, enabling this parameter will allow you to update a room's status to dirty or clean when a guest is checked out.

    • By Employees: This will auto assign rooms to housekeeping by employees.
    • By Section and Time: This will auto assign rooms to housekeeping by section and time.


To configure task management settings for housekeeping, navigate to Settings > Rooms > Task Management, where you will find a variety of sections dedicated to housekeeping task management.

Work Types

In the Work Type section, you will see both system defined work types as well as those set up by your hotel. You can identify whether or not you want to use those work types, by toggling them ON or OFF as pictured below.

To add a new work type, simply click the +ADD WORK TYPE button, enter a name for your work type, and then select SAVE CHANGES.

Task List

If you scroll down to the Task List section, you'll see where these tasks will be used. The tasks entered here indicate what needs to be done. 

If you click on a task in the Task List, you'll notice that a WORK TYPE has been selected for the specific task. When a system defined WORK TYPE is selected, all the settings illustrated in the screenshot below will be automatically configured for you. The only setting you need to manually change is to which ROOM TYPE(S) the task is applicable. However, if you select a WORK TYPE entered by your hotel, you will need to manually configure these settings. 

To the right side of this screen, you'll notice a section for TASK COMPLETION TIME and TASK COMPLETION HK STATUS. You can either indicate TASK COMPLETION TIME for all rooms as a whole or TASK COMPLETION TIME (INDIVIDUAL ROOMS) if task completion varies by room type. These settings help Stayntouch Cloud PMS calculate how many housekeeping attendants are needed to clean a room on a daily basis.

Furthermore, to indicate that a task has been completed by housekeeping, you can select a TASK COMPLETION HK STATUS that will display for rooms that have undergone housekeeping. 

Cleaning Cycles

To differentiate between the cleaning cycles you want to attach to a rate, you can set up different cleaning cycles in the TASK LIST section. These cleaning cycles can vary for rooms/reservations depending on how often they need cleaning. Say you want to create a task for reservations/rates that call for cleaning every 3 days. Upon creating a task, you would navigate to the Task Interval section, select the Custom checkbox, select By Stay Day, and then enter 3 in the day(s) after arrival field.

Assign a Cleaning Cycle to a Rate

To assign a cleaning cycle to a rate, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rates and select or add a new rate. From here, go to Rate Details > ADDITIONAL DETAILS and you will find the CLEANING CYCLE attached to the rate.

Employee Working Shifts

Employee working shifts indicate what normal housekeeping shifts look like for your hotel. The system defined shifts are a Full Shift and a Half Shift

You can add additional shifts by selecting +ADD SHIFT, entering a SHIFT NAME and TIME, and selecting SAVE CHANGES.


If you then navigate back to Settings > Rooms, you can click on Housekeeping Sections to set up housekeeping sections. To add a new section, simply click the + ADD NEW button and enter a SECTION and DESCRIPTION.

If you then toggle from MANAGE SECTIONS to MANAGE ROOMS, you'll see rooms that still need to be assigned to a section. The number above the ASSIGNED tab indicates the number of rooms that have been assigned (in this case, none have been assigned), and from the AVAILABLE tab, you can click the checkbox to the right of the room to assign one or more rooms to a section. Upon clicking the ASSIGN SELECTED button, those rooms will be moved to the ASSIGNED tab.

This is a helpful tool to use if you have teams that work on the same rooms and/or floors, and you want to assign those sections/teams specific rooms.

To assign a specific user to a section, navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup > + ADD NEW/Edit Existing User and choose the section from the HOUSEKEEPING SECTION dropdown menu.


To view/add maintenance reasons in Stayntouch Cloud PMS, navigate to Settings > Rooms > Maintenance Reasons. From there, you will see a list of any existing maintenance reasons. 

You can also add a new maintenance reason by selecting +ADD NEW and entering a NAME and CODE for the maintenance reason.

Once configured, these maintenance reasons will appear in Housekeeping > Room Status when putting a room into Out of Order or Out of Service status.

The above explains how to configure housekeeping settings in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. For further information, please view this video or contact Customer Support.

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