Choose a Room

Modified on: Fri, 5 Mar, 2021 at 9:11 AM

Applies to:          StayNTouch Cloud PMS             StayNTouch PMS Overlay

Choose a Room

The Choose a Room app/website grants hotels the ability to let their guests choose their room, check in from a map of rooms, upgrade room types, and attach add-on items to their reservation.

There was the desire to add/change company data to a guest reservation as part of their flow; however, this is not supported via the APIs, because it would require rates or billing to be attached to new/existing companies, which is not supported by the API.

This operation is still in PILOT phase as of August 27, 2020. Once out of PILOT, upon receipt of authorization from the hotel that they are working with the company, OAuth keys may be sent by SNT Admin. Keys should ONLY be sent to one person and not a list. There are not any standard contact emails to which to send the OAuth keys. They may need webhooks updated, as there are not any set currently.


Please see the attached certification document with their data flow.

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