iHotelier/TravelClick OTA Company Card Set Up and Delivery

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iHotelier/TravelClick OTA Company Card Set Up and Delivery

Please follow the steps below to set up and deliver iHotelier/TravelClick OTA company cards.

1. Create your corporate accounts, which can be synced with company cards in Stayntouch PMS. To do this in TravelClick, nagivate to My Property > Corporate Accounts.

2. If the account needed does not exist, add it by selecting the + Add a New Corporate Account option.

3. Populate the required fields, then select Insert. Please note, the PMS Corporate Code is what we will add to the company card in Stayntouch PMS to sync the two, and it must be unique. It can, however, be any code of your choosing (we have used 129129 as an example only).


4. Next, in TravelClick, navigate to Manage Rates & Availability > Rates and Inventory > Rate Plans.

5. Search for the rate associated with Booking.com, Expedia, etc. that you wish to link with the corporate account. Select the rate by clicking on the rate plan name.

6. Within the rate, scroll down to the Merchandising section and edit to make changes. From the dropdown menu labeled Selected Corporate Account(s) will be associated to this Rate Plan for GDS/ODD, select the correct corporate account used in step 1. 


7. From Stayntouch PMS, navigate to the company card you wish to use/sync with this rate via Revenue Management > Company & TA Cards and search for the card. Once selected, enter the PMS Corporate Code from TravelClick in the CORPORATE ID field as illustrated below.


8. Now reservations will be delivered with the unique CORPORATE ID, and Stayntouch PMS will invoke this company card each time, which will allow you to add default billing instructions, etc.

NOTE: For Expedia rates, TravelClick may only be using one Expedia rate for ARI delivery to Expedia extranet, but the TravelClick Customer Care Team can match the PMS rate codes for Expedia for CRS to PMS delivery. To initiate this process, email Customer Care at cs@travelclick.com. See the example email below with example rate plans. Please be sure to include the CRS ID/Hotel Information in the email.




Hotel XYZ (CRS ID XXXXXX) needs assistance creating two rates for Expedia reservation delivery, so they can both be linked with individual corporate accounts. 


I understand only one rate from PMS will be used to update ARI in Expedia, but that your team can create two separate rates to push reservation delivery down. To that end, could we ask for your assistance in creating these rates from the TravelClick/Expedia side?


The rates built in the PMS are as follows:


Rate Name: Expedia

PMS Code: Expedia

This rate is for hotel collect reservations where the guest pays at the hotel


Rate Name: Expedia Collect


This rate is for reservations where Expedia will provide a virtual card, and the guest should not be billed directly.


With these rates in place, we can then link them to the corporate accounts and ensure they are synced with corresponding profiles in the PMS with default billing instructions where needed.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if additional information is needed.


Thanks so much.


Once these rates exist in TravelClick, the same process can be followed for Expedia Collect or Virtual Card Booking, and users can use default billing instructions on the Virtual Card Booking company card in Stayntouch PMS to ensure guests are not charged for the Expedia room charge.

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