iHotelier/TravelClick Overview

Modified on: Wed, 24 Feb, 2021 at 4:54 PM

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iHotelier/TravelClick Overview

iHotelier/TravelClick is a leading reservations and booking engine solution ideal for independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains. For a brief introduction, refer to this link.

Download Reservation (CRS to PMS) (Active/Inactive Option)YES
Upload Reservation (PMS to CRS)YES
Upload Inventory (Active/Inactive Option)YES
Upload Rate (Active/Inactive Option)YES
Upload Restriction (Active/Inactive Option)YES
Upload Group Block (PMS to CRS)YES
External Mappings 
CC/Payment TypeYES
Market SegmentYES
Source CodeYES
Add-On Codes (Packages)YES
Can Sync Individual Message Types vs. BulkYES
Message Type Sync: RateYES
Message Type Sync: InventoryYES
Message Type Sync: RestrictionYES
Message Type Sync: ReservationYES
Message Type Sync: GroupYES
Default Rate CodeYES
Default Payment MethodYES
Default Booking OriginYES
Default Room TypeYES
Rate Type Amount to Use on Reservation Import (Before/After Tax)YES
Rate Calculation (Before/After Tax)YES
Cosed to ArrivalYES
Closed to DepartureYES
Min Stay ThroughYES
Min Advance Booking NO
Max Advance BookingNO 
Hierarchy RestrictionsPILOT
House RestrictionsYES
Room Type RestrictionsYES
Rate RestrictionsYES
Rate Type Restrictions NO
Sell LimitsYES
Existing Reservation Data Push from CRS to PMSNO
Sync Company Profiles (allows defaulting of billing instructions for Expedia virtual cards etc.)YES*

*iHotelier/TravelClick affords the most options for company profile syncing, as they can create profiles for different OTAs.

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