Credit Card Authorization for Stay Extension

Modified on: Wed, 3 Mar, 2021 at 4:29 PM

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Credit Card Authorization for Stay Extension

StayNTouch Cloud PMS offers a few options for configuring credit card authorizations for different stages of a reservation. You can configure these settings from Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings. In this article, we will explain how to perform CC AUTHORIZATION FOR STAY EXTENSIONS. There are two options available:

  1. Entire Stay
  2. No Authorization: If you do not wish to take any additional authorization for stay extensions, select this parameter.

The MAX NUMBER OF NIGHTS determines how many stay nights should be taken into account for credit card authorization.

You can also define an additional amount (by percentage or dollar amount), which can be set as Per Night or Per Stay.

StayNTouch Cloud PMS will then complete credit card authorization as follows:

Upon extending the dates of a checked in reservation, once the new dates have been confirmed, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will request authorization for the defined amount (i.e., Entire Stay + (custom amount x 1 or x nights). The entire amount includes any add-ons and will be calculated with the correct rules and tax parameters in place. This will EXCLUDE any already authorized amount as well as any deposits paid during past stay dates for this reservation. 

Example 1: Rule set to entire stay + $25 per night. The reservation is for 2 nights and will be extended to 4 nights. 2 nights + $50 have been authorized previously. StayNTouch Cloud PMS will take the entire stay cost of 4 nights, add $100, and then subtract the already authorized amount. 

Example 2: Same calculation rule as above and no previously authorized amounts exists; however, the guest has already paid the deposit for 2 nights. Because the guest has already stayed for 2 nights and also paid for those 2 nights, upon extending to 4 nights, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will authorize the entire stay charge for just the 2 remaining nights + $50. 

Therefore, to verify that credit card authorization for stay extension is correct, please check which amounts were authorized previously during the stay as well as the amount the guest has already paid.

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