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Applies to:          Stayntouch Cloud PMS          


Xenia is a POS system designed for hotels and restaurants, mainly focusing on larger operations. The Xenia tech team builds the integration using Stayntouch Connect APIs. Xenia supports the following features:

Posting Charges to Guest Rooms

  • Search by name (partial search also possible)

  • Search by room number

Posting Charges to House Accounts

  • Search by name (partial search also possible)

  • Search by account number (not ID)

  • Must place 00 before search

Non-Room Charges (Cash and credit card payments)

  • Real-time charges/payments are posted in Stayntouch Cloud PMS

  • Permanent posting accounts can be mapped in Xenia

  • Possibility of Xenia opening new POS payment accounts every month

Multiple Hotels Supported by One POS

  • Multiple hotels can easily be supported by one POS


  • Supported; amount after discount is posted in Stayntouch Cloud PMS

  • Example:

    • Full Amount = $25

    • Discount = $10

    • Amount after discount = $15 (This is the amount that is posted in Stayntouch Cloud PMS)

Edit Closed Check

  • When a check is re-opened, all charges are voided automatically and reposted with new values. Both come across to Stayntouch Cloud PMS.

Negative Sale 

  • Can be closed to rooms or posting accounts

Split Charges

  • Charges can be split between rooms, posting accounts, and POS payments

Restrict Post

  • The Restrict Post toggle feeds to Xenia and prompts users immediately after a name/room search

Add Tip to a Closed Check

  • This is possible; once a check is reopened, all charges will be removed and reposted (both post in Stayntouch Cloud PMS)


Xenia requires a mapping sheet with Charge Code IDs (can also read charge code names) and POS Payment IDs. If your hotel requires permanent posting accounts for non-room charges, please also supply Posting Account IDs.  

Xenia can also automatically open posting accounts on a regular basis (e.g., first day of the month). In this case, it is your hotel's responsibility to close posting accounts for the previous month.


The Stayntouch team is required to create an API OAuth key and share that with Xenia.

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