Upsell Guru

Modified on: Fri, 26 Mar, 2021 at 10:03 AM

Applies to:       StayNTouch Cloud PMS    StayNTouch PMS Overlay

Upsell Guru

Upsell Guru works with hotels to allow guests to bid for an upgrade instead of buying at a preset price. They also allow for the booking of additional add-on items that the hotel choses to set up (i.e., breakfast). Upsell Guru pulls details of bookings and allows guest to upgrade their booking and choose a price they want. The hotel can then accept the price, and at that time the system then makes the change. Upsell Guru posts the upsell charges nightly from their side. Please note, the SNT team is required to create an OAuth token for the hotel.


  • Standard StayNTouch Cloud PMS upsell options must be set up, and the price for these upgrades must be set to 0
  • The hotel cannot use the upsell option as part of StayNTouch Guest Mobility/Kiosk check-in

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