How to Add Billing Information to a Stay Card

Modified on: Tue, 10 May, 2022 at 9:58 AM

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How to Add Billing Information to a Stay Card

There are a couple ways you can add billing information to a stay card. The first is by navigating to the ARRIVALS section of the dashboard and opening a guest reservation. In the reservation below, you can tell there is no billing information attached to this reservation based on the fact that nothing is indicated in BILL & CHARGES.

The next step is to attach a Company or Travel Agent Card with billing information attached. You can do so by toggling into the blue Company Card tab or purple Travel Agent Card tab. In this example, we will pull up a Company Card by searching a Company in the Name or Access code field. Upon selecting the Company (if it has billing information attached), you will receive a BILLING INFORMATION FOUND popup. Select APPLY TO RESERVATION to apply this billing information to the reservation.

With that in place, if you go into BILL & CHARGES and then BILLING INFORMATION, you'll see that it has been invoked. In this case, ALL CHARGES are going to BILL #2


If you want to view more information, simply click into the Company, and you will get a popup window with more billing information. In the example below, BILL #2 is being routed to Stayntouch for ALL CHARGES.

When you look at the stay card now, you'll notice an updated orange ROUTING indicator underneath BILL & CHARGES.

The second way to add billing information is to do so manually. Once again, you'll need to open a reservation from the ARRIVALS section of the dashboard. When you open this new reservation, go to the BILL & CHARGES section and then BILLING INFORMATION.

From there, choose to ADD ROUTES. The only attached entity you'll see at the moment is the reservation's guest, but you can still search for different guests, Companies, or Travel Agents. By default, Stayntouch Cloud PMS will first search for different RESERVATIONS; however, you can toggle over to ACCOUNTS & CARDS, as well. Once you've made a selection, simply click on the entity to add it as a route.

After you've selected an entity, you can select a new payment method the from the PAYMENT section. In this example, we will pay with direct bill. To add direct billing, select + NEW PAYMENT METHOD. From here, you can then select your PAYMENT TYPE from the dropdown menu. In this case, we will select Direct Bill. Please note, in order for Direct Bill to be applicable, there must be an A/R account associated with the entity. You can also choose BILLING GROUPS and CHARGE CODES to include.

Furthermore, you can select the bill window to which the routing should apply. This will default to the next available billing window that hasn't been created yet. Then, select SAVE ROUTE to apply the routing information. Upon saving the route, you'll see that ALL CHARGES have been applied to BILL #2.

Please note, if you click the BILLING INFORMATION button again, you can add additional routes (i.e., guests, etc.) as necessary.

The above article explains how to add billing information to a stay card. For more information about adding billing information, see this video or contact Customer Support.

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