Accessing the Feature Request Forum

Modified on: Mon, 9 May, 2022 at 8:16 AM

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Accessing the Feature Request Forum

Our Feature Request Forum plays a significant part in how we develop our products, and your input plays a pivotal role in determining our development priorities. While we take all customer feature requests into consideration, we cannot implement every idea. That being said, our forum is monitored, and each request is evaluated based on the potential value it can add to our customer base. The openness of the Feature Request Forum: 

  • Ensures that our product development process remains as transparent as possible; 
  • Gives all of our customers a voice; 
  • Helps our development team prioritize future product updates; 
  • Keeps all of Stayntouch accountable to continually improving Stayntouch Cloud PMS and Stayntouch Guest Mobility/Kiosk; and 
  • Gives our customers a forum to exchange product ideas and interact with each other. 

Typically, we deliver requests that are more popular with our customers and are feasible within our current budget and development priorities. Your feedback and engagement helps us allocate the time and resources to the projects that matter to you most, so that Stayntouch Cloud PMS and Stayntouch Guest Mobility/Kiosk can be the best products they can be.

If you would like to make a feature request, please log into Helpdesk and click on the Feature Request icon in the shape of a yellow lightbulb.

For an overview of our past product enhancements, many thanks to customer input from our Feature Request Forum, see  the articles below:

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