How to Configure Room Upsells

Modified on: Mon, 19 Jul, 2021 at 5:00 AM

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How to Configure Room Upsells

To configure room upsells, navigate to Settings > Promos & Upsell > Upsell Rooms


The first step is to configure Daily Upsell Targets by entering a value in the TARGET field. You will also need to indicate how many room sales are required to reach this value in the ROOMS field.

In this section, you can also select checkboxes for the following:

  • Upsell 1-Night Stays Only (All Room Types): This will offer room upsells for 1-night stays only. To allow upsells for all stays, leave this box unchecked.
  • Force Upsell: This will force the upsell process during check-in, meaning Front Desk agents will always be given an upsell prompt when checking in a guest. You do not, however, need to select an upsell.

Please note, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will take your hotel's availability into account. If there is no availability for an upsell, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will not provide that option.


In the Daily Upsell Levels section, you can configure different upsell levels (i.e., LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, and LEVEL 3). This is where you can indicate which room types fall into each level. Simply drag and drop room types to move them from one level to the next.


The Daily Upsell Room Level Targets section is where you can indicate when you're offering the upsells. You can select to offer upsells on the Day of Arrival as well as the Day Before Arrival. To activate these settings, simply turn ON the UPSELL ROOMS toggle for either field.

For each field, you can indicate the cost of upsell by each level. This is also where you will enter a CHARGE CODE that applies to the upsell. 

Finally, if you want to limit upsells by room type, select a room type from the LIMIT UPSELL OFFERS FOR FOLLOWING ROOM TYPES BY MAX LOS dropdown. Once you've selected a room type, you can indicate the maximum length of stay offered for that room type. This is useful if you only have a limited number of rooms, or if you want to restrict upsells to a specific room type. To restrict upsells on a particular room type, enter a MAX LOS of 0. You can also select the checkbox to ALLOW ROVER OVERWRITE if you want StayNTouch Cloud PMS to allow an upsell for that room type, but restrict the room type from being offered for StayNTouch Guest Mobility and StayNTouch Guest Kiosk upsells.

Please note, the same setup options apply to Day Before Arrival as Day of Arrival.

As always, once you've configured all desired settings, don't forget to select SAVE CHANGES.

The above article explains how to configure room upsells in StayNTouch Cloud PMS. For more information about configuring room upsells, please see this video or contact Customer Support.

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