Settings & Parameters Configuration

Modified on: Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 at 1:20 PM

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Settings & Parameters Configuration

To configure Settings & Parameters for your hotel, navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Settings & Parameters.


From the Change Business Day section, you can manage End of Day settings. If you want StayNTouch Cloud PMSto automatically run EOD and change the business date, turn ON the toggle for AUTO CHANGE BUSINESS DATE. You will then need to set the time that business date should change each day.

You can also add an EMAIL RECIPIENT FOR EOD REPORTS if desired. This will send the specified email address an overview of your ledgers, which includes information for guests, deposits, and accounts receivable.

Please note, in the CC BATCH PROCESSING field, Payment Gateway should always be selected.

Below that, you can select a NO SHOW CHARGE CODE and have StayNTouch Cloud PMS automatically post the no show charges during EOD by toggling ON POST DURING EOD.

You can then choose to assign a desired charge code for groups rates from the CUSTOM GROUP RATE CHARGE CODE dropdown menu. Please keep in mind, you are also able to create a separate rate for no show charges and group rates.


If you have an interface integration in place with a restaurant system, you might need StayNTouch Cloud PMS to check the POS to see if there are any authorizations in place before the interface posts any charges. If this is the case, toggle ON CHECK GUEST AUTHORIZATION FOR INTERFACE POSTINGS.


If you toggle ON AUTO CHARGE DEPOSIT, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will automatically take deposits during EOD whenever a deposit rule is assigned to a rate. For example, if you have a rate that allows guests to pay 50% two weeks prior to arrival and the other 50% upon arrival, StayNTouch Cloud PMS can add a deposit rule that automatically posts this for guests.


If your property wishes to accept and use multiple currencies, toggle ON ENABLE MULTIPLE CURRENCIES from the Multi Currency section. From here, you can select both a HOTEL INVOICE CURRENCY and HOTEL PAYMENT CURRENCY. You can also select from multiple HOTEL RATE CURRENCIES and HOTEL PAYMENT CURRENCIES.

As always, when you have configured all the desired settings for your hotel, don't forget to select SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

The article above explains how to configure Settings & Parameters in StayNTouch Cloud PMS. For more information, please see this video or contact Customer Support.

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