Onyx Commission Export

Modified on: Wed, 29 Jan, 2020 at 2:32 PM

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Onyx Commission Export

The Onyx Commissions Export is only available when the interface is activated. To run this export, navigate to Financials > Commissions to view all commissions pending payment for the selected period.




Select all Travel Agents to see what will be exported.



Or choose only from a selection of Travel Agents to hold them for another batch or set to paid if that is the case.




To view commissionable bills only, filter to exclude NON-COMMISSIONABLE BILLS. By default, it will include commissionable and non-commissionable bills.



Choose Onyx Commission Export from EXPORT TYPE if you work with Onyx.


The arrows (>>) on the right will direct you to the Travel Agent Card.


Here you have the same option to put on hold or pay; however, when a reservation is selected, you will also be able to modify the commission amount.



  1. After completing the export, mark all the records included in the export as paid to exclude from the next export.
  2. The Travel Agent Card must be set up correctly with an address, state code, and IATA number; otherwise, the export will be rejected.

Credentials for configuration in Settings > Integrations > Commissions > Onyx are provided by Onyx. Once set up, Onyx files are exported to an SFTP folder. 

When Onyx receives the files, they will then process the commissions.

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