Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.17) – 18 December 2019

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.17)

Effective: 18 December 2019


Continued Contracts Expansion 


We’ve added additional expansions to the contracts module beyond what was released with Rover Release v5.15 and v5.16. For full documentation on the updates to the contracts module, see this article


Guest Card Search by Leading Characters Only 


To improve speed and security, card search from Front Desk > Search Reservations is now by leading characters only. Rover will search by first name, last name, city, and email address as before but by leading characters only and a minimum of three characters. 



  • Searching “Smi” will return “Smith” but searching “ith” will not 

  • Searching “Joh Smi” will return “John Smith” 



Groups: Borrow From House 


We have implemented a new “borrow from house” functionality, in which if there is no availability in the group allocation for the selected dates, you will be asked if you want to borrow from house. To borrow from house, users must have this permission assigned from Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions > Move Group House Borrow to Assigned Permissions. The functionality also allows defining “Shoulder Dates” by adding them to the group dates with zero inventory for those dates. While no rooms are allocated/blocked within the group, it allows booking or extending a group reservation to these dates by borrowing the inventory from house if available. Watch this space for more “Shoulder Dates” functionality in one of the next releases. 


If this role has not been assigned to a user, they will receive the below message. 



Filters Added to Group Search 


We have added GROUP STATUS filters to the group search screen. By default, all the available filters will be selected. 



Payment Date Added to Group Summary Tab 


We have added a field for PAYMENT DATE to the group Summary tab. 



Custom Exports: Dataspace Improvements 


We have implemented the following dataspace improvements to the Custom Exports module: 


Financial Transaction:  

  • A/R INVOICE NUMBER added to available fields 




  • RATE CODE, COMPANY NAME, and TRAVEL AGENT NAME added to available fields 




  • Created at (Booking Date) added to Duration filter 


  • Group Name added to Options filter  



Business on the Books Report Added to Report Scheduler 


The Business on the Books Report has been added to Schedule a Report/Export under Reports > Scheduled Reports. Report output is in CSV format. 



Additional Delivery Options Added to Scheduled Reports and Exports 


We’ve added the following delivery options for Scheduled Reports and Exports in Reports > Schedule a Report/Export

  • Google Drive 

  • Dropbox 



Dashboard Occupancy: MTD Label 


We have changed the month label under Dashboard Occupancy to MTD to indicate that occupancy here is calculated for month-to-date and not the full month. 



Add-Ons Can Now Be Selected for a Date Range 


You can now select a date range for which an add-on is applicable under Settings > Rates > Add-Ons > Select Add-On



Zest Web Add-Ons: Cannot Switch to Reservation Only  


We have added a preventative measure for Zest Web add-ons in Settings > Rates > Add-Ons. If you attempt to change a Zest Web add-on to Reservation Only, you will be unable to save your changes and will receive the message, “Cannot switch to reservation only, this add-on is used in rate as inclusive/exclusive.” 


Link 2500: Replacement for iCMP Devices 


Ingenico has discontinued production of iCMP devices. The replacement device is the Link 2500. The Link 2500 can be used for both credit card swipe and RFID key creation. 



To order the Link 2500, please contact your StayNTouch sales representative or email StayNTouch will forward a supplemental for you to sign and return. Provided devices are in stock by supplier, order processing may take up to 10 to 20 business days plus shipping time once signed authorization is received.  


When ordering, please include following details in email: 

  • Subject line: Link 2500 device order for <hotel name>  
  • Body of email:  
  • Number of devices  
  • Hotel name and address  
  • Ship to Attn: contact name, department, email, and phone 
  • Billing contact name and email 




Austrian Registration Card Enhancements 


The Austrian registration card has now been updated to include the following document information additions when toggled ON: 

  • ID Place of Issue: The default will always be OFF. When turned ON, it will be visible on the guest card. 

  • ID Country of Issue: The default will always be OFF. When turned ON, it will be visible on the guest card. 


Both of these fields can be configured from Settings > Cards > Guest Card Fields



We’ve also updated the Austrian registration card to fit Austrian legal requirements. 



Austrian Legal Tax Breakdown 


Due to Austrian legal requirements, we have added a fiscal invoice template that fits the Austrian invoice requirement, which must be activated by SNT Admin. This ensures Vienna City Tax is displayed correctly. 



To enable this feature for your hotel, please contact Customer Support

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