Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.16) – 4 December 2019

Modified on: Tue, 3 Dec, 2019 at 1:17 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.16)

Effective: 4 December 2019


Continued Contracts Expansion 


We’ve added additional expansions to the contracts module beyond what was released with Rover Release v5.15. For full documentation on the updates to the contracts module, see this article


French Nationality Export 


Due to French legal requirements, we have added a Nationality Export - France from Reports > Schedule a Report/Export > Scheduled Exports that must be enabled by SNT Admin. To add this export for your hotel, please contact Customer Support


Guests In House By Nationality Report 


We have added a Guests In House By Nationality Report from Reports > New Report.  



Guest, Company, and Travel Agent Dataspaces Added to Custom Exports 


We have added Guests, Company, and Travel Agent dataspaces to the Custom Export module in Reports > Schedule a Report/Export > Custom Exports


Language Selection on the Group Rooming List 


We now support translations when emailing the group rooming list. You can now select a language from a dropdown menu upon emailing the group rooming list. 



ProForma Invoice Can Be Generated for Groups 


The group ProForma invoice can now be generated for groups. To select this option, go to Groups > Manage Groups > Select Group > Transactions tab > Select the blue invoice icon > BILL LAYOUT > Select ProForma Invoice. Please note, the ProForma invoice can only be viewed before the group arrival date. 



The group ProForma invoice will show the HOTEL INVOICE CURRENCY if selected in Settings > Hotel & Staff > Settings & Parameters > Multi Currency > HOTEL INVOICE CURRENCY

Tourist Tax Functionality Added to Financial Settings 


The Invoice section in Settings > Financials has been renamed to Financial Settings


Within this Financial Settings section, we have added a toggle for TOURIST TAX, which when toggled ON, will show tourist tax charge code type setup. Once activated, and the tourist tax charge code is created, you cannot deactivate the TOURIST TAX toggle.



New Filters Added to the Journal Revenue Tab 


We have added the following filters to the REVENUE tab from Financials > Journal

  • Total 

  • Pre-Stay 

  • In-House 
  • Post-Stay 



Wallet Tab Added to Company and Travel Agent Cards 


We have added a Wallet tab to Company and Travel Agent Cards where users can attach credit cards or preferred payment methods.  



These payment methods will be shown in Billing Information and Accounts

EOD: Post No Show Charges Automatically 


We have added a POST DURING EOD toggle in Settings > Hotel & Staff > Settings & Parameters. When this toggle is ON, and there is a charge code in the NO SHOW CHARGE CODE field, then this charge code will be used to post the No Show amount (equivalent to the first night room rate) automatically during the EOD process. If the toggle is turned ON, and there is no charge code in the NO SHOW CHARGE CODE field, the room rate charge code (equivalent to the first night room rate) will be used to post the No Show amount automatically during the EOD process. 



Deactivate Add-Ons No Longer in Use 


In Settings > Rates > Add-Ons, for add-ons no longer in use, instead of deleting them, we now deactivate them if they have an active date that has already passed. These deactivated add-ons will be grayed out with an EXPIRED label.  



You will also notice that we replaced the DESCRIPTION column with an ACTIVE DATES column. This column is a sortable field by alphabetical order and active date. Active add-ons will display at the top of the list, and inactive add-ons will display at the bottom of the list. If no active date has been configured, then an “N/A” will appear, meaning there is no start or end date.  



If an active date has been configured, the date range will display. 




Please note, an expired add-on cannot be toggled ON from the add-ons page. The user instead must open the add-on and update the end date. This should toggle ON the add-on automatically. 


Moreover, if add on has been deactivated, it will not be available for display on Zest Web or Zest Station. 


Zest Station: Translations Now Supported for Charge Group Names in the Guest Charges Popup 


We now support translations for charge group names in the guest charges popup for Zest Station. These translations can be added from Settings > Financials > Charge Groups > + ADD NEW or Select Charge Group.  

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