Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.14) – 16 October 2019

Modified on: Fri, 11 Oct, 2019 at 3:48 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.14)

Effective: 16 October 2019


Last 4 Passwords Checked When Changing Password

Rover will now check the last 4 passwords used on your account when you change your password. Please note, the last 4 passwords cannot be reused.

Updates to Nightly Reservations in the Room Diary

Nightly (N) reservations will now be stacked in the Nightly Diary only when there are overlapping reservations. This will not take into account Cancelled and No Show reservations. In the below screenshot, room 106 shows stacked reservations. Please note, stacking is indicated by room number.

Groups & Allotments: Sort by Arrival Date on Availability Screen

Groups and allotments are now sorted by arrival date from the Availability > Groups screen.

Deposit Invoice Changes

Due to mandatory VAT invoice requirements for prepayments on reservations, Rover now generates VAT invoices when enabled. With this addition, we have added a new charge code type of DEPOSIT that will enable a VAT invoice to be generated when accepting a prepayment. 

Please note, this is only a requirement in certain countries and will not be available system-wide. If you want to activate the full VAT invoice, please contact Customer Support.

Balance Added to Cancellation & No Show Report

A BALANCE column has now been added to the Cancellation & No Show Report. Reservations with 0.00 balance or credit will show in green; whereas, reservations with an outstanding balance will display in red. The TOTAL OPEN BALANCE is also displayed on top.

Translations Added to Group Confirmation Email and Group Rooming List 

Rover now supports translations within the Group Confirmation Email and the Group Rooming List. The following translations are now supported in both the Group Confirmation Email and Group Rooming List:

  • Rates

  • Add-Ons

  • Room Types

Translations Added for Guest Invoice, Account Invoice, A/R Invoice, and A/R Statement

Rover now supports charge code translations for the Guest Invoice, Account Invoice, A/R Invoice, and A/R Statement to ensure they’re printed in the language selected. Below are the supported translations for each:

Guest Invoice:

  • Detailed

  • Detailed Bill Items

  • Summary by Charge Code

  • ProForma

  • Does not support Summary by Day, Summary by Billing Group, or Summary by Room

Account Invoice:

  • Detailed

  • Detailed Bill Items

  • Summary by Charge Code

  • Summary by Room

  • Does not support Summary by Day or Summary by Billing Group

A/R Invoice:

  • Detailed

A/R Statement:

  • Summary

  • Detailed

Multi Currency Functionality

Multi Currency support can now be enabled from Settings > Hotel & Staff > Settings & Parameters > Multi Currency. This functionality makes it possible to set a different currency for rates and add-ons than the base currency. From here, you can toggle ON ENABLE MULTIPLE CURRENCIES as well as set a HOTEL INVOICE CURRENCY. Please note, only one invoice currency can be selected as of now.

Once enabled, you will be able to edit the CURRENCY field within Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate > Rate Details.

Moreover, when creating an add-on in Settings > Rates > Add-Ons > +ADD NEW/Edit Add-On > Add-On Settings, you will be able to change the currency listed under ADD-ON CURRENCY.

Multi Currency: Payment Accepted in Different Currencies

You can now select which currencies are accepted as payment at your hotel from Settings > Hotel & Staff > Settings & Parameters > HOTEL PAYMENT CURRENCIES. As per this functionality, at the time of payment, you can change to the desired currency (when selected as pictured below).

Please note, all currencies will be converted into the base currency upon posting.

Zest Station: Oracode Functionality Introduced

In order for guests to receive an Oracode PIN Code in Zest Station, complete the following steps:

1. Select Show PIN in room ready email from Settings > Rooms > Room Key Delivery > Zest Check-Ins.

2. Select Deliver PIN Code for room key via email from Settings > Rooms > Room Key Delivery > Rover Check-Ins.

3. Toggle ON DOOR PINCODE DELIVERY from Settings > Integrations > Comtrol > Key System Settings.

4. Select Email from Settings > Station > Check-In > Registration Card Delivery Options.

5. Select Manual and toggle ON SHOW PIN CODE from Settings > Station > General > Key Creation Method.

After configuring these settings, the Oracode PIN Code will display for Zest Station reservations.

Zest Station: Guest Charges Posting

Zest Station now allows for guest charge postings as well as support for language translations on guest charges. This feature can be configured by following the below steps:

1. Turn ON the toggle for POST GUEST CHARGES from Settings > Station > Check-Out.

2. Drag and drop AVAILABLE ITEMS to ALLOWED ITEMS under Post Guest Charges to allow desired items to be posted as guest charges.

3. Enter a DESCRIPTION (TRANSLATION) from Settings > Financials > Items > +ADD NEW/Edit Item.

Once these settings are configured, items configured for Zest Station will be available to post as charges:

Once posted, the charges will appear on the Zest Station screen on the right and will be posted in Rover:

You can also opt to have guest charges translated into the language of your choice.

Zest Station: Manual Passport Entry

Zest Station now supports manual passport number entry as well as the option to bypass passport number entry. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Station > Check-In > Passport Entry Settings > Toggle ON COLLECT PASSPORT NUMBER and BYPASS PASSPORT ENTRY.

Once these settings are toggled ON, you will see the below options at Zest Station check-in.

If ENTER NUMBER Is Selected:

If BYPASS Is Selected:

The actions made here will then be displayed in the Stay Card Activity Log.

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