Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.12) – 28 August 2019

Modified on: Wed, 28 Aug, 2019 at 9:59 AM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.12)

Effective: 28 August 2019


Housekeeping: Back Button to Return to Previous Room Status Page

We have changed the behavior of the back button on the Housekeeping > Room Status screen when there are multiple pages of rooms displayed. This allows you to navigate back to a previous page in the pagination (in this example we are on page 3).

Upon selecting a room from the Room Status screen, you will be taken to the Room Details screen. From here, you will find a back button at the top left corner of the screen that takes you back to the Room Status screen. 

Upon selecting the back button from the Room Details screen, you will be returned to the page that was previously selected on the Room Status screen (page 3 in this example).

Extra Adult/Child Rates Calculated by the % Offset Min. Value for the Extra Adult/Child Amount

The EXTRA ADULT/CHILD MIN. AMOUNT THRESHOLD setting now found in Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate updates Extra Adult/Child rates according to the amount specified. This prevents Extra Adult/Child rates from going to zero (or below a specific amount that’s based off the parent rate) when an offset is applied to the base rate.

Occupancy & Revenue Summary Report: Filter Update

We’ve changed the filter in the Occupancy & Revenue Summary Report to include or exclude Day Use reservations. When Day Use reservations are excluded, you will not see line items for Day Use reservations. However, in the screenshots below, because Day Use reservations are set to be included, you will see them as indicated by the Day Use line items. 

Retrigger Paid/Checked-Out Invoices to Fiskaltrust

All payment receipts that aren’t fiscalized can now be retriggered to get the correct QR code from Fiskaltrust in Financials > Invoice Search

This update also introduces a toggle for PAYMENT RECEIPTS, which can be turned ON from Settings > Financials > Invoices

From the main Invoice Search page, you will also find different dropdowns for A/R INVOICES and RECEIPTS. As a whole, these new features make the Invoice Search page more user-friendly.


Based On/Copy From Rate: Round to the Nearest 10 Decimals or Nearest Full Amount

When using the BASED ON/COPY FROM feature in Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate, you can now select to round a rate up/down to the nearest 10 decimals or the nearest full amount.

Break Parent/Child Rate Relationship

If you have a child rate based on a parent rate, you can now navigate to Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate, take that child rate, and remove the parent rate to make the child rate its own parent rate. That rate then acts as a parent rate and can be edited or modified as a standalone rate.

Link a Child Rate to a New Parent Rate

In Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate, you can now take a child rate and move it from one parent rate to another parent rate. This child rate will accordingly inherit the new parent rate amounts.

A/R Invoice Number in Invoice Search

Previously in Financials > Invoice Search, you were not able to search by A/R Invoice Number; however, due to user requests, we now offer the ability to search by A/R Invoice Number.


Austria: Vienna City Tax Calculation in Rover

City tax is generally calculated as tax exclusive for most rates; however, due to legal requirements in Vienna, we have now made it possible for city tax to be calculated as tax inclusive. To enable this feature at your hotel, please contact Customer Support.

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