Commissions Configuration

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Commissions Configuration


The first step required for setting up commissions in StayNTouch Cloud PMS is configuring your reservation settings in Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings. From there, scroll down to find and turn ON the toggle for COMMISSIONS. By activating this toggle, commissions become available in StayNTouch Cloud PMS. 

Commissions can also be activated by Commissions by Agent and Commissions by Rate. If enabled, you can set a specific commission percentage or currency amount for both.

Furthermore, by activating Set for new card, you will be able to identify per Travel Agent Card how much commission you want to assign.

After configuring any of these settings, be sure to select SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.


The next step is to go to Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW/Edit Rate. From there, navigate to Rate Details > ADDITIONAL DETAILS > Turn ON the toggle for COMMISSION. You can then set the commission by percentage or currency amount. You will also find an option to select the charge codes to which you want to apply commission in the field CHARGE CODES (NON SELECTION OF CHARGE CODES MEANS ENTIRE STAY COST)

Again, once configuring any of these settings, be sure to select SAVE at the bottom of the Rate Details section.


After configuring rates for your commissions, navigate to Revenue Management > Company & TA Cards to find or edit the Travel Agent Cards to which you are applying commissions. Upon opening a Travel Agent Card, you will see a toggle for COMMISSION within the Summary tab. When this is toggled ON, you can set the commission by percentage or currency amount. You will also see a toggle for Commission Prepaid, which you can select if desired.

From the Travel Agent Card, you will also find a dedicated Commissions tab, which shows reservations with commissionable revenue. These commissions are assigned to a Contracted Rate, which can be found underneath the Contracts tab. 

If you click on one of the reservations listed in the Commissions tab, you will be directed to the Stay Card for that reservation, where you will see the Travel Agent used.


Finally, once you have completed the steps above, you can search and edit commissions from Financials > Commissions

Here, you will be able to find all the commissionable amounts you have open. To search any commission, you can enter an Agent Name, IATA Number, or City in the search bar to the top left of the screen.

You can also sort by date range to view commissions for a specific period, or you can remove the date range to view all commissions.

To select Travel Agents, you can either click in the checkbox to the left of the Travel Agent name, or you can select all by clicking the TRAVEL AGENT INFO checkbox. Once selecting a Travel Agent, you will be given four options: (1) to put the commission(s) on HOLD, (2) to EXPORT the commission(s), (3) to SET TO PAID, or (4) to CLEAR SELECTION.  

Please note, if you are exporting commissions to a third party integration, that the selected/exported records are marked as SET TO PAID, because the system will not do that automatically.

If you then unselect all the Travel Agents, you can click on a individual Travel Agent and navigate to the Commissions tab to view reservations with a commissionable revenue for that Travel Agent. To the far right, you will see columns for HOLD and PAID. If you still want to amend the commission amount for a particular reservation, you can put the reservation on HOLD by selecting the hand icon. However, if you know for sure that the commission is already taken care of, you can simply set the reservation to PAID, and the reservation will automatically be removed from the Commissions unpaid tab.

Furthermore, if you'd like to recalculate the commission for a particular reservation, you can simply select the reservation using the checkbox to the left of the reservation, at which point, a RECALCULATE COMM. option will appear at the top of the screen. The RECALCULATE COMM. option will then allow you to enter a percentage or currency amount by which to recalculate commission. For further information about the RECALCULATE COMM. option, please see this article.

If you still want to put the reservation on HOLD, simply click the hand icon under the HOLD column. Upon navigating back to the commissions screen, you will see this reservation has been moved to ON HOLD.

At this point, we have explored all the available features for Commissions. To see a step-by-step demonstration of Commissions, please view this video or contact Customer Support with any additional questions.

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