Offline Credit Card Transactions

Modified on: Wed, 17 Feb, 2021 at 5:47 AM

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Offline Credit Card Transactions

When a payment transaction is flagged as Offline, it still allows credit card payments to be posted; however, the user will not see an authorization code, and therefore the hotel will not receive payment. 

Please note, an Offline checkbox will only appear if you select the Credit Card checkbox. This is why for non-integrated payment methods, we recommend the following setup.

In Settings > Financials > Payment Methods, you will notice "system-defined" payment methods. When the integration with the payment service provider is made, these payment methods are used to post payments after the authorization for that transaction is returned. This (the authorization code) guarantees the customer that the money will be paid.

When the Offline checkbox is active, however, StayNTouch Cloud PMS will not connect to the payment gateway, and the payment will be posted without an authorization code. The customer will only get the money if the transaction is sent by another method (e.g., with a "standalone" credit card terminal).

We advise against using this option, but instead setting up new payment methods like "Manual VISA", etc. 

When setting up new payment methods, leave Credit Card unchecked, so it shows outside the credit card groups and instead shows the system-defined ones. The LINKED RESERVATION TYPE will vary depending on your hotel's needs. Please also note, Rover Payments Only and Web Payments Only should only be used in specific scenarios, and they should normally be left blank. Finally, if you select Restrict Post, it will trigger the default No Post status when that specific payment method is added to a reservation.

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