Room Details Log – Audit Logs for Housekeeping Room Status

Modified on: Mon, 16 Sep, 2019 at 3:54 PM

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Room Details Log – Audit Logs for Housekeeping Room Status 

From Housekeeping > Room Status, users can change a room's Housekeeping status from Dirty to Clean, Clean to Dirty, Clean to Inspected, OOS, OOO, etc. Management also has the option to see who changed the status for a specific room, a group of rooms, or all rooms.

To see the audit trail or a log of the changes for a room, navigate to Housekeeping > Room Status > Select Room > Click on the LOG tab. This will list all major changes that have taken place for this room.

As an example, 03 has been put OUT OF ORDER, removed from OUT OF ORDER, and then put back IN SERVICE. You can see the changes highlighted below. 

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