Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.10) – 18 July 2019

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jul, 2019 at 2:24 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.10)

Effective: 18 July 2019


Edit Non-Global Commissions from Single TA Card

You can now centrally manage commissions for hotels where commission conditions are not identical (i.e., non-global commissions), from a single TA card. This allows you to conveniently change or modify the hotel-specific commission configuration without having to change the hotel in the application.

Auto Check-In Allowed for Reservations Not Payment Guaranteed by Credit Card

Previously, to enable auto check-in, only reservations with payment methods of type credit card were eligible for auto check-in. This has been amended with an additional reservation of type Payment Guaranteed, which allows hotels to create specific payment types that can be marked as Payment Guaranteed. Hotels can allow the auto check-in function to be used in conjunction with alternative or platform-based payment methods, such as PayPal or Airbnb.

Invoice/Folio Export Report

You can now schedule invoice/folio exports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Use of this will vary based on the different parameters set at your hotel. This is intended to serve as a way of cross checking invoices by reviewing all invoices in the system and comparing them with invoices and folio numbers in your accounting system. It can also be used to review invoices without folio numbers.

Guest Card Gender Field Changes

Previously, the gender field allowed for free data entry; however, we have changed this field to allow for male/female selection only. 

As part of these changes, we have also updated existing police exports that used this field (i.e., the Turkish and Swiss Police Exports).

Day Use: Arrival/Departure Times Mandatory in Reservation Creation Process

When creating a reservation, arrival/departure time must be specified for Day Use reservations (will default to a 9 AM arrival and 5PM departure). If using the create reservation option and entering a zero-night stay, arrival/departure time will appear next to the zero-night selection.

Hourly Diary: Add-Ons for Reservations

Upon turning on the ADD-ONS FOR RESERVATIONS toggle in Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings, you will be directed to the add-on screen when creating a new hourly reservation.

Nightly Diary: Book Button on Diary

Arrival/departure time now displays next to the arrival/departure date on the Nightly Diary to streamline the booking process. In the past, you had to specify a date if booking from the diary. Now, you can specify arrival/departure date AND time, which allows the diary to return all available rooms matching your criteria and provide a more accurate picture of availability. Available rooms will then show with a green BOOK button. If there aren’t any rooms matching your criteria, you won’t see any BOOK options.

Nightly Diary: Unassigned Reservations List Displays Nightly Rates

The UNASSIGNED RESERVATIONS list on the Nightly Diary now displays Nightly and Day Use reservations with Nightly rates attached. Upon selecting an unassigned reservation, the available rooms for the reservation dates will display in orange. From here, you can also enter guest preferences to return rooms that meet the guest’s criteria. Please note, preference selection can only be completed on the Nightly Diary.

Lightspeed Accounts: Debits and Credit Now Displayed Separately

Previously, debits and credits were grouped together on Lightspeed; however, they are now divided into separate payment types so the final balance displays correctly as 0.00.


A/R Statement Enhancements

We’ve made several enhancements to A/R statements, the biggest of which being changes to the A/R statement details and summary. As part of these changes, we have made the A/R statement details more user friendly by replacing the header invoice number with the A/R account number. Based on the application settings, you will see either the reservation invoice number or the folio number or A/R invoice number on the A/R statement.

Furthermore, the A/R statement now looks at the total number of invoices for a specific date range and shows the total account amount and total account amount due. You will also notice a date range at the bottom of the statement.

Bulk Check-Out: Email Invoices

Based on customer feedback, we have added an extension to the previous bulk check-out functionality, in which invoices can be emailed for guests with charges on their invoice or guests that are charged during bulk check-out. During bulk check-out, if there is an email address present, we now send an invoice for Bill #1 to the guest (as with other check-out functionalities). By default, this feature will be ON; however, it can be toggled ON/OFF in Settings > Financials > Invoices > BULK CHECK-OUT - SEND INVOICES.

Daily Production Reports Added to Report Scheduler

You can now view Daily Production statistics by room type, rate, and demographics and export the Daily Production Report daily from Reports > Schedule a Report/Export > Scheduled Reports. Previously, this report could be run and exported to CSV file; however, now you can also use the report scheduler to email or send SFTP files of yesterday’s statistics on a daily basis.


Austria: Workstations Mandatory

Due to Austrian legal requirements, we have added a MANDATORY WORKSTATION toggle to prevent payments from being completed on Workstations that don’t have an ID registered for the hotel. This change is to ensure Workstations used for payments are registered with a third party interface.

If a Workstation does not have an ID, a warning will appear when attempting to make a payment, and the MAKE PAYMENT button will be disabled until an ID is entered.

Austria/Germany: Nationality Statistics Export

Due to legal requirements in Austria and Germany, we have made it possible to export country statistics from Reports > Schedule a Report/Export > Scheduled Exports

When active, the hotel can show stay statistics by country and/or state. If state is specified, the statistics will be broken down by both country and state. This feature is not active by default and must be toggled on by SNT admin. If you would like to enable this for your property, please contact Customer Support.

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