Child Records

Modified on: Wed, 17 Feb, 2021 at 5:57 AM

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Child Records

Sometimes, when attempting to delete a room type from a rate code, you may get the below error message, but what is a Child Record?

A Child Record is a record in the database that has this room type as one of the values in one of the fields of that record. For example, if this room type was part of a rate code, and that rate code has been previously used in a reservation, then the reservation record in the reservation table is the Child Record. If the rate code is linked to a Company or TA Stay Card as the contracted rate, then the contract is the Child Record. In which case, there would be several Child Records in the database depending on where that rate code has been used.

If you have a room with Child Records, you will be unable to delete the room type, and your best option would be to leave that room type as it is and remove the rates so the room type cannot be sold.

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