TravelClick – iHotelier Installation and Setup

Modified on: Thu, 27 Oct, 2022 at 10:37 AM

Applies to:          Stayntouch PMS          

TravelClick – iHotelier Installation and Setup


  1. Username and hotel code are the same—this is TravelClick's BID Number; it is not their hotel code on their booking engine.
  2. Password is unique to each site.
  3. Access URL or endpoint:
  4. Feature Settings
    • Download Reservations: Does the system need to get reservations from TravelClick generally? YES.
    • Upload Inventory: Does the system need to send updates of inventory to TravelClick generally? YES.
    • Upload Rate: Does the system need to send rate data or changes to TravelClick? This depends on if they are connected to an RMS system that will send rates directly or if Stayntouch PMS needs to send rates.
    • Upload Restrictions: Similar to Upload Rate. Is the RMS system or Stayntouch PMS sending restrictions?
  5. Enhanced Deposit Notes: Should multiple lines from TravelClick combine to one note or be individual notes?
  6. Rate Calculation: Stayntouch will advise how the rates need to be sent to TravelClick.
    • After Tax: Sends total rates with tax data.
    • Before Tax: Sends net amount of rate without any tax information. 


We have the ability to send data syncs to TravelClick for future dates for the following:

  • Current rates
  • Current inventory counts
  • Current restrictions
  • Future reservations that must have the CRS confirm ID
  • Future groups

Syncs can be sent in up to 45-day sections, but if you need to send syncs for a full year, it is best to do one month at a time to avoid missed dates. We can also send historical reservation updates for reservations that must have the CRS confirm ID.


TravelClick does not support the ability to reinstate a booking that is cancelled in their system. If a reservation is cancelled and then reinstated, the information will not update in TravelClick. There will still be inventory message updates sent to TravelClick, which should keep things in line, but be advised that TravelClick cannot move a reservation out of cancelled status.

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