Add Manual Balances to an Account

Modified on: Mon, 16 Sep, 2019 at 3:14 PM

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Add Manual Balances to an Account

Use the ADD MANUAL BALANCE feature to add balances that were recorded from another system, such as another Property Management System (PMS), to ensure continuity across payment systems.


Adding a Manual Balance is not a standard procedure. It is a one-sided accounting entry that is generally only used at conversion.

Before you add a Manual Balance, you must first create a charge code that is specified with the Charge Code Type of A/R Manual Balance under Settings > Financials > Charge Codes. This can be reviewed under Settings > Financials > Accounts Receivables > Manual Balance Charge Code.

1. Locate the account that needs a Manual Balance added.

2. From the OPEN BILLS screen of the A/R Transactions tab, click ADD MANUAL BALANCE.

3. Enter the following information:

- Enter a name for the balance in the NAME field.


- The default is Manual Balance. You can choose to keep the default name or enter a more unique name.

- Enter the invoice number of the original invoice in the INVOICE NO. field.

- Enter the date that the original invoice was generated into the AGING DATE field.

- Enter the amount total of the original invoice in the amount field.

- To enter additional balances, click the green plus (+) sign.

Click SAVE.

The new Manual Balance entry appears in the OPEN BILLS tab, and the A/R Balance and Open Bills totals are automatically updated to reflect the new balance.


To adjust the Balance Forward amount (-$3,279.28 in the example below), please see the steps below.

Add a Manual Balance as a Credit (-$3,279.28).

Move the Credit Balance to Credit.

The account balance is now $0.00.

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