Rover Instance Selection

Modified on: Wed, 22 Jan, 2020 at 10:48 AM

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Rover Instance Selection

Version of the SNT Rover app is now available for installation for all of our customers via the App Store. When updating to this newest version, you must select an instance (US or EU). We have indicated that you should contact Customer Support with any questions you have about your Rover instance. Communication has been shared via the announcement link here and via the Rover banner. 

If you select the wrong instance, you can change it by tapping the bottom left corner of the login screen 6 times. Upon doing so, you will be presented with a screen to switch the Rover instance (see below).

From there, you will be directed back to the Rover instance selection screen.

Upon selecting Rover US, you will be directed to Likewise, selecting Rover EU will direct you to If you normally log in with the first link, select Rover US; if you normally use the second link, select Rover EU.

For any further questions, please contact Customer Support.

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