How to Grant a User Specific Journal Roles

Modified on: Wed, 17 Feb, 2021 at 9:19 AM

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How to Grant a User Specific Journal Roles

If a user is a Chain Admin, they also need to be granted the Hotel Admin role in order to be visible on the cashier and journal user list. Please note, the user must first be assigned Hotel Admin before assigning Chain Admin. The Chain Admin role is primarily to administer access of other users across the chain. It can also do most of the things in your own home hotel, but for hotel specific settings under Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details, you need to be a Hotel Admin for this specific hotel. So, if you are an administrator of the hotel and would like to have access to all settings, then you need the Hotel Admin role.

In addition to this, if you need to be able to administer user access for other users across the chain, then you need to have the Chain Admin role.

Chain Admin users must be granted by SNT admin from Hotels > Admin Users > Select a user > Select the CHAIN ADMIN checkbox.

If you then log in with this user, you will see the ALL USERS option to the top right of your screen as pictured below.

A chain user (and only a chain user) can then give another user the permission CHAIN ADMIN.

Or, via ALL USERS, a chain user can search a user and give access to other properties by assigning them a role.

Chain users automatically have access to each new property built.

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