Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.8) – 6 June 2019

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jul, 2019 at 2:24 PM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.8)

Effective: 6 June 2019



Additional Content Displayed on the Login Screen

Additional content has been added to the login screen as pictured below.

  1. Sign up for Customer Webinars.
  2. Sign up for the StayNTouch Newsletter.
  3. Access the Rover Knowledge Base (opens in a new browser tab).
  4. Access Rover Support (opens in a new browser tab).

PMS: Bulk Check-Out

The Departures screen now has a toggle for two different views: 

  1. ALL: This display shows the list of departures as it did previously.
  2. Bulk Check-Out: This allows users to check out reservations in bulk upon selecting the red CHECK OUT button. Two options exist for bulk check-out.
    1. When BULK CHECK-OUT is selected, it will list all reservations with a zero balance due to check out today, and the number of reservations due to check out will display on the top of the page. No bills will be printed or emailed, and the room status will automatically change to DIRTY
    2. When BULK CHECK-OUT and the checkbox for ALLOW OPEN BALANCE are selected, all reservations with zero balance and a credit card on file due to check out today will be listed. Any reservations with an open balance on any other bill window than Bill #1 will be ignored and not listed for bulk check-out. No bills will be printed or emailed, and the room status will automatically change to DIRTY. This will also trigger the following:

      1. All open balances will be settled to the credit card, and all reservations will be checked out.

      2. The QUICK CHECK-OUT button will check out all due-out reservations that have 0.00 balance.

To disable this feature, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Back Office > Infrasec > Toggle the ACTIVATE/INACTIVATE switch ON.

iOS Application Instance Selection

With the introduction of a Rover EU environment, when starting an iOS application for the first time, you are now asked to select the Rover instance you will be using. This will only be asked the first time you start a newly deployed iOS application. Upon selecting the Rover instance, you will be able to proceed with login as usual. 

To change your instance, call Customer Support or, if you are familiar with it, invoke the test page.

Arrival/Departure Time Indicator

Arrival/departure time has been added to the reservation search screen.

Credit Card Authorization Required When Extending a Reservation

Credit card authorization is now required when extending a reservation from the room diary.

Copy of Void Bill

When reprinting or re-emailing a void bill, Rover will now show COPY OF VOID INVOICE or COPY 1 OF VOID INVOICE on the invoice depending on your hotel’s settings.

Zest Station: Add New Languages

All language-related configuration is now unified in the languages section accessed via Settings > Station > Languages

As before, you can drag and drop languages to change the order and appearance of languages on the Zest Station home screen. You can now also directly edit the language settings by clicking on the language label. 

We have 13 system-defined languages, and you can easily activate them as desired from within the Rover System Languages.

To activate a language in Zest Station, 5 elements are needed. If both mandatory elements are met, the newly activated language can be saved.

  1. Language name (must be unique system wide; mandatory)
  2. Language file (upload; mandatory)
  3. Language label (English; optional)
  4. Language label (foreign language; optional)
  5. Country flag icon (upload; optional)


Austria: Customized Registration Card

We provide a customized registration card for Austria that can be enabled by SNT admin. When toggled on, the below registration card will display instead of the standard Rover registration card. This registration card will display additional fields, which include the following:

  1. Accompanying guest first and last name
  2. Accompanying guest date of birth
  3. Child names plus their date of birth (up to 4 children per room)
  4. Gender

Sweden: Timestamp Added to Journal Report When Printing/Exporting Reports

Due to Swedish legal requirements, we have added a timestamp to the Journal for printing/exporting reports. This can be found in Financials > Journal > Print. When the report opens for printing, you will see a timestamp for the time it was generated.

Sweden: Rover Version Number

Due to Swedish legal requirements, you will now see the current Rover version from the Rover login page. This is updated dynamically every time we have a new release.

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