How to Configure Different Rates Per Night for a Group

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How to Configure Different Rates Per Night for a Group

To configure different rates per night for a group, the first option is to use a rate code. To do so, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW. From there, you can create a rate code with different pricing based on the night.

Then from the Group Summary tab, you can use the group rate you just created.

The Room Block Details > ROOMS & RATES screen only shows the pricing for the first night, which is normal.

When you create a reservation that is attached to the group, it will apply the correct rate pricing from the rate code configured earlier.


You can also store custom group rates by day/date, which means a room type/rate value combination exists for each date. The rate value can be different for each date. When you save the custom rate configuration, a record for each date of the group is created with the rate values configured for each room type and occupancy.

You'll find a ROOMS/RATES toggle on the Room Block Details tab for groups. From here, you can switch to the RATES view to change the rate values for individual days by editing the rate amount in the rate field, or for date ranges using the arrow (>) button to copy the rate value up until the selected date.

If you click the ROOMS & RATES button of the Room Block Details tab of a group (if rooms and rates have not already been configured for the group), a popup will appear, where you can configure room types and rate values; however, once a rate is created, you cannot edit the rate values upon opening this popup again. Instead, you must switch to the RATES view on the Room Block Details tab. The only exception is if you add a new room type. In that case, you can click the + ADD NEW button to enter the initial rate values for the new room type.

If a group uses a configured rate instead of a custom rate, the rates by day will also display in the RATES view; however, you will not be able to update the rates.

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