How to Fix Out of Order Zest Station Kiosks

Modified on: Mon, 16 Sep, 2019 at 3:13 PM

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How to Fix Out of Order Zest Station Kiosks

There is no reason the kiosk should go Out of Order when there is no guest interaction, unless there is a network issue where the iPad is temporarily going offline and therefore cannot reach our StayNTouch services.


If the iPads go Out of Order while not in use, we suggest immediately going to the available diagnostic page where you can test the connection. We test for a network connection by fetching the Workstation data every 120 seconds. If we do not detect the Workstation data, the app will place the Zest Station Out of Order. Upon navigating to the diagnostic page, you will see the 120-second countdown in the top left corner of the screen. If your Zest Station does not have a connection to the network after this countdown, you will see the counter increase its frequency from 120 seconds to 10 seconds in an attempt to refresh the Workstation faster.

When you see that the screen shows the Zest Station Out of Order, please follow the steps below, in which you see the counter at the top left corner:

1. Click the bottom right corner of the OUT OF ORDER screen.

2. Click the LOGIN button.

3. Enter the hotel admin login credentials.

4. Click the DIAGNOSTICS button.

5. You will see the OUT OF ORDER reason as shown below; take a screenshot and send across.

Once you are able to test this, please confirm back to us your findings. You may need to engage your IT team to determine how the network connection to the iPad can be improved to prevent a disconnect that causes the kiosk to go Out of Order.

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