How to Prevent Stayntouch PMS from Charging Taxes for a Particular Rate

Modified on: Tue, 14 Nov, 2023 at 8:43 AM

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How to Prevent Stayntouch PMS from Charging Taxes for a Particular Rate

To prevent Stayntouch PMS from charging taxes for a particular rate (e.g., a third party booking like Expedia), you can build a non-taxable charge code for accommodation and attach this to the appropriate rate code in Stayntouch PMS.

To do so, navigate to Financials > Charge Codes. From there, open the charge code off which you'd like to base your non-taxable charge code and make a note of the settings. Next, select +ADD NEW to create a charge code that is identical to the base charge code (which in this case is code 1000). For this new charge code, do not select to attach the tax. In the description, you may also want to label it as "Room Charge Non-Taxable" or something that will clearly indicate for what the charge code is to be used.

You should then create a new rate code specifically for non-taxable reservations from Settings > Rates > Rates > +ADD NEW. In the CHARGE CODE field, make sure you select a charge code for your new rate. Then, from the RATE CODE field, enter a simple abbreviation for the new rate (e.g., EXPEDIA).

If your new rate is for a third party booking like Expedia, you will need to add the rate code to Rates > Channel Manager > Desired OTA > +ADD NEW. This allows the rate code to communicate with your OTA. After doing so, you will also need to add the new rate code from your OTA. It is important that these rate codes are exactly the same. You should also make sure the room types selected in Stayntouch PMS for the rate are the same in your OTA.

Please note, in your OTA, you will need to indicate which rates the third party booking agency should sell to non-taxable guests and taxable guests.

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