Configuring Tax Exempt Options

Modified on: Mon, 16 Sep, 2019 at 3:35 PM

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Configuring Tax Exempt Options

Please follow the instructions below to configure tax exempt options. You will also find instructions for activating tax exempt on the guest stay card.


  • Steps to produce: Settings > Financials > Tax Exempt Types > +ADD NEW

  • Tax exempt type has to be unique.

  • When selecting multiple tax charge codes, you are able to use the same charge code across multiple tax exempt types.

  • Select SAVE CHANGES to proceed.


Steps to produce: 

  • Groups > New Group > Summary Tab > Room Block Summary
  • Toggle ON TAX EXEMPT.
  • When selected, you will also automatically see the tax exempt ID dropdown. Select the Tax Exempt Type, as this is a mandatory field.
  • Once the tax exempt type is selected, all reservations associated with the group will have the tax exempt toggle and tax exempt type populated.


We have implemented tax exempt functionality for guest bills that is indicated on the stay card.

Steps to produce: 

  • Reservation > Expand Additional Details > Toggle ON TAX EXEMPT

  • When toggled ON, you will also automatically see the tax exempt ID dropdown. 

  • The TAX EXEMPT toggle will show for all reservation types (due-in/in-house/checked out/reserved/etc.).

  • Toggle ON TAX EXEMPT and select the associated tax exempt type.

  • All charge codes associated with the tax exempt type will not post.

  • The system should check if there are any charges already posted for that reservation (charges not payments).

  • If there are existing charges, you will see the message, "Please review already posted charges for possible exemption."

  • Users will manually need to review the charges and make necessary adjustments to the posted taxes.

  • Should a user turn OFF the TAX EXEMPT toggle on a stay card, check if charges have been posted, and if yes, you will see the message, "Please review already posted charges, as tax may not have been posted." 

  • Once the toggle is OFF, charges will post with their respective taxes.

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